World War I

Europe on the Eve of 20th Century

  • Europe had become one of the most prosperous regions of the world because of industrialization.
  • Colonial rivalry in Africa and China caused clashes between various nations. Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Russia had their spheres of influence in China.
  • German rul .... Read More

Anglo German Rivalry

  • After the Crimean war of 1856, England had chosen to isolate itself from European politics.
  • The British sent the Chamberlain Mission to Germany in 1898 to negotiate a possible alliance.
  • Haldane Mission was sent by the British in 1902 to make another offer of alliance .... Read More

Crises in the Balkans

  • The Balkan Peninsula comprising South East Europe had been a trouble spot of European politics.
  • By the Treaty of Berlin, 1878 the European powers believed that the Eastern Question had been solved.
  • Problem that arose after 1878 was the question of Balkan nationalism .... Read More

Causes of the First World War

  • Writings and preaching of patriotism created hatred against other nations.
  • Growth of militant nationalism produced people with war-like mentality.
  • Insurgent nationalism was the main cause of First World War.
  • It resulted in the formation of Pan-Germanism, P .... Read More

Events of the First World War

  • First World War began in July, 1914 and lasted until November 1918.
  • The two opposing alliances were – Allied Powers (Russia, England, France, Belgium and Serbia) and Central Powers (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria).
  • USA, Italy, Romania and Greece .... Read More

Peace Settlements after World War I

  • After World War I, a treaty was drafted and Germany was made to sign it on the 28th June 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors of Palace of Versailles.
  • Alsace and Lorraine were given back to France.
  • The Coal districts of Saar Valley came under the surveillance of League of Nat .... Read More

The League of Nations

  • Devastation caused by the First World War led to the need to establish an international organisation for preventing future wars.
  • Idea of President Woodrow Wilson of the USA to create a world organization to maintain peace and prevent future wars resulted in the foundation of th .... Read More

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