Anglo German Rivalry

  • After the Crimean war of 1856, England had chosen to isolate itself from European politics.
  • The British sent the Chamberlain Mission to Germany in 1898 to negotiate a possible alliance.
  • Haldane Mission was sent by the British in 1902 to make another offer of alliance to Germany.
  • Kaiser’s Weltpolitik was a philosophy derived from misinterpretation of thoughts put forward by Nietzsche and Charles Darwin.
  • He launched a German naval building plan.
  • The German Admiral built submarines to destroy British battleships at sea.
  • England responded by making dreadnought battleships to counter the threat posed by Germany.
  • Germany and Turkey proposed building a railway track between Berlin and Baghdad.
  • The Kaiser also pledged German support to the Boer President against England in the Boer Wars.
  • France considered the alliance with Britain beneficial as it wanted to recover the Alsace-Lorraine region from Germany.
  • An Anglo-French convention known as the Entente Cordiale was signed in 1904.
  • French Navy agreed to guard Western Mediterranean, while, British Navy took responsibility for Eastern Mediterranean.
  • The Anglo-Russian convention was signed in 1907.
  • Independence and sovereignty of Afghanistan was to be respected, and the country was to be a buffer between British India    and  Russian Central Asia.


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