Political Ideologies


  • In the 18th century, Liberalism had a powerful influence upon the Western Europe and America. It was the basis of both the French Revolution and the American war of Independence.
  • During the entire period of cold war (1945-1991), the world continued to live with the debate of li .... Read More


  • Socialism is defined as a political and economic system of social organisation, which is based on collective or state ownership of means and mode of production, distribution or exchange of the profit.
  • The three utopian socialists .... Read More


  • Advocates of Socialist theory like Marx and Engels, and later Lenin postulated that human history is advancing towards Socialism. But it is not the final form of society in which working class will be free of expl .... Read More


  • Italy was devastated after the First World War. The economic effects of the First World War on Italy were disastrous. Italy had been cheated by the allies in the First World War which sowed the seeds of hatred and revenge in the nation. I .... Read More

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