Elements of Promotion Mix

Advertising are the paid form of non-personal presentations and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. It plays an important role due to mass reach, enhanced customer satisfaction, expressiveness, economy, creates demand and increases credibility. Features of advertising are mass communication and media. Objectives of advertising:
•    to educate customers about the use of products,
•    to create brand loyalty through product differentiation,
•    to obtain support of the dealers to boost their sales efforts and
•    reach people inaccessible to salesman.
Sales promotion refers to short-term incentives which are designed to encourage the buyer to make immediate purchase of a product or services. features  of sales promotion:
•    short term incentive scheme,
•    directed at both customers and dealers,
•    aims at increasing immediate sales, etc.
Sales promotion plays a vital role in inducing customers to make immediate purchases, helping buyers to take the benefit of more goods in less money, clearing pending stocks of dealers and winning competition from other manufacturers.
Personal selling is the process of creating demand by oral presentation of messages and demonstration of the product to prospective customers. Features of personal selling:
•    face to face interaction,
•    two way communication,
•    selective,
•    flexibility in presentation,
•    art of convincing,
•    long-term relationship and
•    pervasive.
Objectives of Personal selling:
•    to increase sales,
•    to convert the desire created by advertising into sales,
•    to introduce new products through demonstrations,
•    to redress grievance of customers,
•    to persuade customers to switch over from rival brands and
•    to collect feedback from customers.
Publicity refers to that promotional tool in which favorable news is presented regarding a product or service in mass media to promote sales. Features of publicity:
•    unpaid form of communication,
•    does not have an identified sponsor, and
•    covers favorable news about the company,
•    reliable way to provide information to the customers and
•    done by newspaper, magazines or other mass media.
Objectives of publicity are to inform people about something, to highlight company’s contribution to society, to draw public attention and to warn people about undesirable goods.

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  • Q1

    How do promotional tools like sales promotion, advertising, etc. stimulate demand?


    Various promotional activities are undertaken to inform and develop interests in the minds of consumers so that they can buy the products.

    These promotional tools are used to influence and convince consumers to buy the product through effective displays, publicity, packaging, etc.

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  • Q2

    Define any two methods of sales promotion.


    Two methods of sales promotion are:

    1. Free samples: many firms give free samples of their products to people so as to popularize their product and develop interest in consumers to but their products.

    2. Discount offers: these are given to customers so as attract them by offering a discount on purchases within a specific time.

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  • Q3

    Name any two qualities that are found in a Good salesman.


    Qualities of a good salesman are:

    i. Personality: a good physical appearance attracts the attention of the customers and gives a good impression. A pleasing personality can easily convince the customers.

    ii. Communication skills: it is one of the main asset of the salesman as the more he is able to express and speak clearly in a well-toned voice, the more he is able to convince customers.

    iii. Patience: a salesman should have calm mind and ability to listen to the customers. He should be able to clarify queries and doubts of customers and should not lose patience in even worst situations.

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  • Q4

    State any three features of publicity.


    Features of publicity are:

    • It covers favorable news and announcements by the company or about its owners
    • It is done through different sources of media like newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, internet and others.
    • It is not under the control of the organisation and can be also negative sometimes.

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  • Q5

    Many companies hire salesman who sells the product door-to-door. Why do you think companies adopt this method of promoting their products?


    Companies adopt this method because:

    1. To boost the sales of the company and increase product demand

    2. To convince customers to buy the products through personal face-to-face communication.

    3. To gather the feedback so as to redress any complaints of customers

    4. To introduce new products through demonstrations and explanations along with effective communication.

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