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  • Q1

    Write an essay on the topic 'Euthanasia'.



    Death is a subject that has consumed many great thinkers and while they may differ on their perspective, most believe in an afterlife. The idea that a particular death takes you to paradise is prevalent in all religions. For instance, in the warrior society of Vikings, only those who died on the battlefield could enter the paradise, in Buddhism attainment of 'Boodhichita' helps one break away from the endless circle of suffering. Suicides are frowned upon by all the religions alike.

    What these and other religions failed to acknowledge is the fact that life is full of complexities that might lead one to such a position where all there is left is pain and oblivion before one meets his/her end. Euthanasia is mercy killing of a terminal patient who is at his deathbed and suffering pain while awaiting end.

    Some people say that euthanasia should not be legalised because they believe it is a suicide or that there are many choices other than euthanasia. May I ask such people if it is right to let a human being suffer excruciating pain in the name of keeping him from committing suicide? Does a person not even have a say in the matter pertaining to his life and death?

    It is understandably one of the most complex social issue we face today, thus calling for a greater attention for the sake of humanity.

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  • Q2

    Write an essay on the topic 'Insomnia'.


    Lack of sleep

    Unrelenting insomnia has become a part of our everyday life. While the immediate effects of skimping on sleep are obvious, most people are completely oblivious to its ill effects on their health in the long run.

    Students today stay up all night to study, work or have fun. Most of the times they stay up late on weekdays and sleep in late on weekends, which can hamper their biological clock and deteriorate their quality of sleep. Consequently they end up grumpy and clumsy the next day, finding it hard to focus on their everyday tasks. Of course one night of short sleep won't put you in any danger, but one week will.

    Determining the root cause of your sleep disorder can be very helpful in eliminating the sleep disorder. To get a good night sleep you should avoid sleeping with your phone right next to you. Many researches show that exercise induces sleep. You should also give the evening dosage of caffeine a pass. All said and done, you must remember that for a proper sleep you ought to make a conscious effort to make small changes in your lifestyle to improve the quality of your sleep. As the famous saying goes "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

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  • Q3

    Write an essay on 'Library'.



    In order to inculcate the reading habit among the students, a library has been recently constructed in ABC School. It is airy, properly ventilated and has ample light. The atmosphere is very peaceful and conducive for reading. It has a rich collection of books on variety of subjects. Reference books are also available so that the students can make use of them. It consists of a large hall filled with shelves, bookstands and furniture. The room is airy and spacious. More than hundred students can use it at the same time. There is a librarian who guides the students in reference skills and efficient reading habits. There are over twenty thousand books in our library. It was established with the commencement of the school. A large number of books are purchased every year to keep the library updated. There are books on every subject including literature, science, civics, commerce, English language, computer, general knowledge, etc. There are also a good number of reference books for student's help.

    Thus, a good library is an asset. It widens student's mind, improves their knowledge, clears their doubts and instills in them the habit of reading. Libraries help to make learning a self-discovery and a personal venture.

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  • Q4

    Write an essay on 'Punishment'.



    Childhood is the most impressionable age of a person's life. Any event good or bad has a lasting impact on the minds of children of school going age and something as cruel as corporal punishment can affect the child's psyche adversely.

    There have been reports of children having suffered serious injuries ranging from ruptured eardrum to brain haemorrhage and unfortunately, death. The worst part is that it is seen as an "effective tool" to discipline children and most of these incidents go unreported as children choose to suffer in silence.

    Through the recent exposure gained by the matter, people have now been sensitised to such incidents in schools, but what needs to be looked into is the fact that this practice exists even at home. Many parents voice their concerns over their children being violently punished at schools, but the fact remains at large that they themselves do not shy away from beating their own children when they commit innocent mistakes. This just depicts the shrewd hypocrisy and flawed morality of the society.

    Corporal punishment should be banned and children should be made aware that they have rights like any other citizen and they can register complaints against anyone who torments them physically or mentally.

    Such a system might be challenging to establish and run, but it has to be understood that it would help in averting situations of child abuse to a large extent. It's high time that we all realise that violence is not a method to garner attention of children.

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  • Q5

    Write an essay on 'Gender'.



    Unlike sex, that marks a biological distinction, gender is a socially constructed term. Behavior of both the sexes is determined by the society through a binding covenant.

    Breaking down gender stereotypes is extremely important and necessary and for this an active participation of men is very much needed.

    While taking into account the plights of women all over the world, it would be too na�ve to assume that women alone are the victim of this inequality. "Gender paradox of suicidal behavior" indicates that suicide is a gender issue that can no longer be ignored. Statistics show that men are three times more likely to take their lives than women. The need to adhere to the distorted stereotypical images of what constitutes male success also has enfeebled many.

    Needless to say, it is not a lost battle. Many steps are being taken by people all over the world to ameliorate the conditions. The US government's decision to put a woman's face on the currency is a testimony to the rising awareness about creating an egalitarian society. Such a historically symbolic makeover of their currency suggests an unprecedented drive to mark the presence of women through time and history. Moreover men too need to shed these artificial images that stop them from expressing their true selves.

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