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  • Q1

    Mr. Carmichael is the postman of your locality. You see him almost every day. Although there is nothing striking in his personality yet you feel tempted to write about him. Having spoken to him you have been able to gather a little information about him. Prepare a write-up of Mr. Carmichael in about 80 words using the information given below.

    Name: Albert Carmichael

    Age: 57 years

    Educational qualification: Graduate from Arizona State University

    Appearance: Pleasant looking, smiling face, friendly appearance

    Attitude towards work: A dedicated individual


    Albert Carmichael is the postman of our locality. He belongs to a town in Arizona. He is about fifty-seven years of age, has a friendly appearance and a pleasant smile on his countenance. He is a graduate from Arizona State University. Mr. Carmichael has two sons who are doing excellently well. Still, he does not believe in asking anyone for money. He believes in earning his own income and feels that one should work till they die. He believes in the dignity of labour and does his work very efficiently. Although he has never been given any award by any organization, yet this humble person feels that his work is his award, which he does with sincerity.

    I wish I could learn more from the man, and imbibe his good qualities in my life.

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  • Q2

    Brad, a student of grade 12 of your school has invented a robot. Since Brad is your class mate you feel proud and decide to write about him and his invention. Prepare a write-up of Brad in about 100 words using the information given below.

    Name: Brad Johnson

    Age: 17 years

    Family: Small and very rich

    Academic status: Studying in class 12, a very bright student, an all rounder.

    Achievements: Invented a robot, selected to attend International Youth Seminar in Stockholm, and awarded a scholarship of $50,000


    Brad Johnson, has been very studious and diligent since his childhood. Although he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth yet he has never been a spoilt child. Recently Brad invented a robot for his ailing grandfather, which has been programmed to help him. It nurses him and even takes him out for a stroll in his wheelchair.

    Brad, apart from being good at technical things, is equally good at studies and extracurricular activities. All these qualities have endeared him to his teachers and classmates. He has been selected to attend International Youth Seminar in Stockholm where he will be awarded a scholarship of $50,000. The country sees a great future scientist in Brad.

    At the age of seventeen, he has achieved much more than what people of his age do. I’m glad that he is my classmate, and would love to learn something from him.

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  • Q3

    Your school organised a book fair recently. Alex Watson, a renowned author was invited to inaugurate the fair. Prepare a write-up of Alex Watson on the basis of the following information in about 100 words for a local newspaper.

    Name: Alex Watson

    Age: 45 years

    Educational Qualification: Post Graduation from Michigan State University, Doctorate from Yale University

    Important works: More than fifty novels and many short stories.

    Achievements: Many national and international awards to his credit, a large fan following.


    Recently, when our school held a book fair Alex Watson was invited as the guest of honour to inaugurate it. Alex Watson belongs to Philadelphia and is a post graduate from Michigan State University. He took a doctorate degree from Yale University. He has developed his habit of writing since childhood. More than fifty novels and many short stories are added into his account till date. He has such a large fan following that his books are immediately sold as soon as they enter the market. He has been bestowed with many prestigious awards by national and international institutions.

    I’ve read some of his books and feel that they are far closer to reality than most of fantasy fictions. Alex Watson is just 45 years old and has numerous awards to his credit. I wish I could become a writer like him and break record.

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  • Q4

    You visited your village in Iowa, Texas during vacations where you came across a woman named Katherine. You were so impressed by her achievement in agriculture that you decided to highlight her work before the people. Prepare a write-up of Katherine in about 100 words on the basis of the following information.

    Name: Katherine

    Age: 55 years

    Educational qualification: Graduate

    Agricultural achievements: Successful experimenting in organic cultivation, source of inspiration to many agriculturists


    During my vacations, I met Katherine in Iowa, Texas when I went there to research for a project. I was highly impressed by her achievements in the field of organic agriculture. Although she is not a person of fame yet her work in agriculture is remarkable. At just 55 years of age, she has achieved numerous awards. She does not use any harmful chemicals but prepares organic manure and pesticides. She even teaches the farmers to grow organic crops. She has tied up with various governmental agencies for support towards the cause, and greater use of organic products to grow healthy food for the country. She is a source of inspiration to so many, that expert agriculturists visit the place to meet this humble personality. The country is proud of such women.

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  • Q5

    Your school had organised the Annual Sports Day last week. Michael Andrews, an ace swimmer, was invited as the chief guest. Write Michael Andrews’s personal profile for your school magazine in about 100 words, using the information given below.

    Name: Michael Andrews

    Age: 29 years

    Sports achievements: Olympics swimmer, received his first award in swimming at the age of ten, won gold medals in Olympics and Asian Games. Twice swam across The English Channel


    It was a red-letter day in the history of our school when Michael Andrews arrived as the chief guest on the occasion of our annual sports day. He is a world-renowned swimmer and has won many national and international awards in swimming. He even brought laurels to the country by winning gold medals in Olympics and Asian Games. He had won his first award in swimming at the age of ten and since then there has been no looking back for him. Twice he has swum across The English Channel. Now at the age of forty, Michael is a familiar name in the national and international sports world.

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