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  • Q1

    Fill in the blanks by inserting must or the present, future or past form of have to:

    1. English children ______ stay at school till the age of 16.

    2. The shops here don’t deliver. We ____ carry everything home ourselves.

    3. You _______ come on time to work everyday.

    4. Park notice: All dogs _____ be kept on leads.

    5. If you buy that television set you _____ buy a license for it.


    1. have to

    2. have to

    3. have to

    4. must

    5. will have to

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  • Q2

    Insert correct forms of may/might in the sentences.

    1. If we reach there early we _____ get a good seat.

    2. The flight was cancelled because the weather _____ have been too bad.

    3. You ought to go to his lectures, you _____ learn something.

    4. I’ll wait a week so that he ____ have time to think it over.

    5. I bought a lottery ticket I ____ win $10000.


    1. might

    2. might

    3. might/may

    4. may

    5. might

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  • Q3

    Insert ‘it is/ there is’ in the sentences:

    a. Last night ____ a heavy rainfall which flooded all the roads.

    b. As he had very bad sight _____ difficult for him to recognise people.

    c. ____ lunch time when we get to York, so let’s have lunch there.

    d. We have done all we can ______ nothing to do but wait.

    e. Come on, children! _____ time to get up!


    a. there was

    b. it was

    c. It will be

    d. there is

    e. it is

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  • Q4

    Add correct form of ‘be’ in the sentences:

    1. It ____ difficult to read the document upside down.

    2. She is learning Italian. She ____ (teach) by a professor from Milan.

    3. Its better _____ too early than too late.

    4. The matter _____ discussed in tomorrow’s debate.

    5. The queen ___ the new hospital next week. (open)


    1. is

    2. is being taught

    3. to be

    4. is to be/ will be

    5. is to open/ is opening

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  • Q5

    Fill in the blanks with correct forms of have adding ‘got’ wherever possible.

    a. It is no good arguing with someone who _______ a bee in his bonnet.

    b. How many sides _______ a pentagon?

    c. Red haired people always _______ bad tempers?

    d. Children nowadays ______ far too much pocket money.

    e. The houses in your country ______ flat roofs?


    a. has got

    b. has a pentagon got?

    c. Do red haired people always have bad tempers?

    d. have

    e. Do the houses in your country have got flat roofs?

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