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  • Q1

    Choose the word that is oppositeof ‘solicitude’.




    ‘Solicitude’ means the state of being concerned and anxious, hence the opposite of it is unconcern.

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  • Q2

    Select the word which is an antonymof ‘awkward’.




    Not Required

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  • Q3

    Match the following antonyms.

    a) zeal - Benefit

    b) subside - Allowance

    c) denial - Develop

    d) tarnish - Immature

    e) ripe - Dullness


    a) zeal - Dullness

    b) subside - Develop

    c) denial - Allowance

    d) tarnish - Benefit

    e) ripe - Immature

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  • Q4

    Choose the appropriate word in the following sentences.

    a) ______ are those who carry on their struggle until they achieve their objectives. (Valliant/Timorous)

    b) The thief made a ______ exit leaving no trace of his identity. (dilatory/swift)

    c) Every idea has a _____ meaning besides the obvious one. (perceptible/ hidden)

    d) The medicine will _____ the restless patient and put him to sleep. (tranquillize/ exasperate)

    e) It was _____ to see him in pain. (enviable/ distressing)

    f) He has been fined several times for his ______ driving. (cautious/reckless)

    g) Politicians _____ each other to win public support. (defame/laud)

    h) His greasy _____ hair was a disgusting sight. (immaculate/ unkempt)

    i) My uncle is such a _____ personality, you can never feel bored in his presence. (companionable/inimical)

    j) His rise in career has been _____ but steady. (erratic/gradual)


    a) Valliant

    b) Swift

    c) Hidden

    d) Tranquillize

    e) Distressing

    f) Reckless

    g) Defame

    h) Unkempt

    i) Companionable

    j) Gradual

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  • Q5

    Write the antonyms of the underlined words.

    a) The statistical statement seems to be erroneous and inaccurate.

    b) Marx’s writing excited the workers to revolt against capitalist.

    c) Let us confess our fault’s before God.

    d) He dissipates his energy in unproductive works.

    e) The labour leader advised the workers to shed off timidity.

    f) The court passed orders reinstating the suspended employee.

    g) The police has found him guilty of culpable homicide.

    h) It took us five hours to put out fire.

    i) The scanty rains this year may adversely affect the availability of food grains.

    j) Poor children of the slum cannot help looking clumsy.


    a) Accurate

    b) composed

    c) conceal

    d) save

    e) courage

    f) destroy

    g) innocent

    h) kindle

    i) liberal

    J) Nimble

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