•    Communication is different from transport. Transport involves physical movement of people and goods. Communication involves only transmission of word messages and ideas. It is of great help in case of calamity, accident or emergency. Communication contributes to the development of economy and social relationships. It promotes cultural unity and brings diverse people of the world close to each other.
•    Earlier, messages were conveyed by word of mouth.  Passing of message relied on the proximity of the giver and receiver of message. Signal like drums, smoke signals or fly signals were also used to convey messages.
•    Technological advancement in early nineteenth century revolutionised communications. Communication became independent of transport. Today, only postal services remain dependent on transport network.
•    Communication is of two types:
a.    Personal communication, and
b.    Mass communication
•    Personal communication takes place between individuals. For example, postal network, telephone, telegraphs, etc.
•    Mass communication involves communication with the masses. For example, radio, television, cinema, press, etc.
•    Postal service is the most commonly used mode of communication in India. It plays a vital role in rural areas. Postal Index Number or PIN is a six digit number. It is a post code system used by Indian postal administration to facilitate proper delivery of mail.
•    Telecommunications is the transmission of information over significant distances to communicate. It can be of three types:
a.    Telegraph
b.    Telephone, and
c.    Telex
•    Prasar Bharati is a public service broadcaster in our country. It was constituted on 23 November, 1997. Prasar Bharati provides its services in All India Radio and Doordarshan.
•    Cinema is another powerful means of mass communication. It entertains millions of people throughout the country.
•    Newspapers, periodicals and journals fall in the category of press and print media.
•    Satellites are another important mode of mass communication. Development and use of artificial satellites has brought revolution in communication.
•    Depending on configuration, satellite systems can be put in two groups:
a.    Indian National Satellite System (INSAT), and
b.    Indian Remote Sensing Satellite System (IRS)
•    Computers are electronic devices, which are used for electronic data processing. It is an important mode of communication. It plays a very important role in education and transfer of knowledge.


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  • Q1

    Write short notes on means of Communication.


    MEANS OF COMMUNICATION : Means of communication are those means which are helpful in communicating news and information from one person to another sitting thousand of kilometer away. The means of communication are posts and telegraphs, telephone, fax, teleprinters, print media, radio, television, wireless and satellite. They are awakening masses towards world happening.

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  • Q2

    Why Prasar Bharati is considered important in the field of communication in India.


    Prasar Bharati is the autonomous Broadcasting Corporation of India. It controls the electronic media of the country. The two important constituents of Prasar Bharati are:
    1. All India Radio
    2. Doordarshan

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  • Q3

    Write short notes on Personal communication and Mass communication?


    Personal Communication:
    Personal communication helps in communicating information and ideas from one person to another person. It is made through postal network and telecom supported by computers. This modern communication technology has proved to be extremely helpful in rapid development of India’s economy and society.
    Mass Communication:
    It is meant for communicating information and ideas to the masses. The two important means of mass communication are:

    1. Print Media
    2. Electronic Media

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  • Q4

    Which remote sensing agency is located at Hyderabad?


    The National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) is located at Hyderabad.

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  • Q5

    Define Communication. Also mention the major means of communication.


    Communication is a movement of matter or energy between two parts of the universe. This matter or energy can be the carrier of information. Communication refers to conveyance of information from the place of origin to the place of destination through a channel. Postal services, telephone, telegraph and fax services, internet and satellites are some of the major means of communication.

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