Political Violence and Casteism

  • Indian democracy strongly believes in the rights of the individuals and their development. It is for this reason that the constitution grants rights and guarantees the protection of these rights.
  • Political violence is a common means used by people and governments around the world to achieve political goals. Political violence occurs due to number of reasons like, language, religion, caste, fundamentalists and their separatist ideologies, identity crisis, etc.
  • Terrorist groups have been using violent means to weaken the social, economic and political fabric of India. Education is the main instrument that can be used against political violence.
  • A proper and strict code of conduct should be followed by all political parties. Caste interests influence the process of political socialisation, political participation and political perception.
  • Caste in India, not only manages to influence the processes of politics but also the process of decision making. Political parties use caste divisions for nurturing their support bases in the society.
  • Democracy and caste stand as opposites. Whereas democracy believes in equality and equal freedom for all, caste based inequalities hinder the exercise of rights of a particular section of the society. Caste system is based on vague reasons and evil traditions.
  • Faith in social, economic and political equality and justice must replace the blind love for cast and Casteism. Our educational system must inculcate the value of equality and fraternal bonds among all young men and women for securing complete integration of all as equal partners in nation-building.

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