Presidential Form of Government

  • Presidential government is a form of government in which the President is the real head of the state and exercises all the powers entitled to him by the constitution. He or she is the head of the state as well as the government.
  • Presidential form of government functions on the basis of mutual checks and balances between organs of the government.There is separation of powers between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.
  • The executive has a fixed and definite tenure and cannot be removed until the term is over. The cabinet consists of head of departments appointed by the President. The cabinet performs the function of advising the President.
  • The cabinet members carry out state administration according to the directions of the President.Due to separation of powers, frequent deadlocks occur between the legislature and the executive.
  • The key features of presidential system of USA are single unified executive, separation of powers, fixed tenure of the president, advisory body of the president, the president and cabinet members, political homogeneity is not a rule. The executive is not responsible before the legislature.
  • Presidential form of government is not free from the evils of party system.The members of the US cabinet are individually responsible to the President.

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