Universal Adult Suffrage

  • The power of the state over the people is exercised by the elected representatives of the people. The people rule through their elected representatives.
  • The electorate is the body of all the people who have the right to vote and elect representatives of people. Their right to vote is described as the suffrage of franchise.
  • Election is the process by which the voters or electors select their representatives by casting their votes freely in favour of the candidates of their choice.
  • In the 19th century property, gender and educational qualifications are used for granting the right to vote.
  • Property franchise is based on the belief that the ownership of property results in responsible behaviour.
  • In all modern democracies, women enjoy an equal right to vote. Universal adult franchise means right to vote to all adult citizens, both men and women without any discrimination.
  • Universal adult franchise symbolizes the equality of all the people and posits faith in the ability of all the people to elect their representatives. The right to vote is a source of strength and confidence for all citizens of the country.
  • Constituency is a unit of area or a demarcated group of people who constitute one unit for electing a representative or some representatives.A demarcated area where voters live within its territorial limits, elect a representative or some representatives. This is known as territorial representation.
  • The Universal declaration of Human Rights (1948) has accepted and advocated the grant of the right to equal franchise (Equal right to vote) to all men and women in every state of the world.

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