Executive in USA

  • US Constitution provides for Presidential form of government. President is the custodian of all the executive powers of the federation. Constitution denies executive power to the Congress and the Supreme Court. President of the United States is elected by the people.
  • USA is a republic, because its executive has a fixed and stable tenure and he can’t be removed by any simple process except by impeachment process. This is a difficult process and till now no president is removed by this process.
  • US President is both head of the state as well as head of the government. President is assisted by cabinet to execute his powers. All Cabinet ministers are responsible to the president. Constitution of USA provides for separation of powers.US President and his cabinet are not responsible to the congress.
  • US Constitution lays down that the president shall be elected by the group of electors chosen by the people. Presidential Elector College was initially directly elected by the state legislature. President plays a decisive and dominant role in determining foreign policy of the nation.President has power to enforce federal laws.
  • President has power to make international treaties with any country subject to approval by 2/3rd members of Senate.President can reprieve, commute and grant pardon for offences, in the capacity of head of the State.
  • A bill becomes a law if it is passed by congress and signed by president within ten days of its submission. The Method of impeachment of US President is quite difficult but it acts as a threat and restraints his activity. President need to take care of peoples fundamental rights while performing his duties.
  • Cabinet is directly responsible to the president. US Constitution states that in case vacancy arises in the office of president, vice-President shall hold office for the remainder of the tenure. In normal times vice president acts as an ex-officio chairman of the senate.

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