Comparative Study of Judiciary:- India, U.S.A and U.K

  • India,UK and USA are liberal democratic states. The judiciary in each of these enjoys a very important and powerful position. They have an independent, impartial, honest and efficient Judiciary. Principle of Separation of power is followed in these countries and Judiciary is independent of other two organs interference.In USA there is two tier judicial systems.
  • In India there is single integrated judicial systemwhere both state and center laws are administered under supervision of Supreme Court. UK is a unitary state where single integrated judicial system is in operation.
  • One unique feature of United Kingdom and US Judiciary is its Jury system. In India and USA judiciary has acquired the power of judicial Review. UK Judiciary does not enjoy the power of judicial review.
  • Principle of Rule of law is adopted by United Kingdom; there is no formal bill of fundamental rights and people’s rights stand guaranteed under ordinary laws.
  • In India and US, the constitution is the supreme law of the land and judiciary acts as the interpreter and protector of the constitution. In UK the judicial system has been the result of slow and gradual evolution.
  • In the UK, the judicial system has been the result of slow and gradual evolution. In India, the Judiciary has been organised and its powers have been defined by the constitution of India.
  • In the USA, the Judiciary stands organised under the provisions of the US constitution. However it has evolved into a fully developed judicial system during the past 220 years of its working.

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