Pieces of Things

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  • Q1

    _______ of smoke emerged from the boiler.




    The word ‘whiff’ is used to describe a small amount of smoke or air.

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  • Q2

    Julia pushed a _______ of food into her mouth.




    The word ‘morsel’ is used to describe a small amount of food material.

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  • Q3

    Rearrange the following to make meaningful sentences.

    1. a/crumb/piece/a/called/bread/of/is

    2. in/only/pinch/we/food/our/salt/a/of/need

    3. part/wind/a/of/is/puff/a

    4. a/paper/scrap/torn/is/from/piece/a/a /sheet/small/of

    5. sand/a/small/called/grain/part/a/of/is

    6. a/morsel/a/called/is/food/part/of/small

    7. of/a/mouthful/sip/is/a/water

    8. wood/called/small/tree/a/a/of/cut/piece/is/a/from/stump

    9. minutes/called/sleeping/wink/a/few/is/sleep/a/of/for

    10. chip/is/a/small/piece/of/wood


    1. A piece of bread is called a crumb.

    2. We only need a pinch of salt in our food.

    3. A puff is a part of wind.

    4. A scrap is a small piece torn from a sheet of paper.

    5. A small part of sand is called a grain.

    6. A small part of food is called a morsel.

    7. A sip is a mouthful of water.

    8. A small piece of wood cut from a tree is called a stump.

    9.Sleeping for a few minutes is called a wink of sleep.

    10. Chip is a small piece of wood.

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  • Q4

    Putting Diminutives to Use.

    1. He threw the half-smoked cigarette _________ into the ash-tray.

    2. He added a _________ of salt to the omelettes as it had none.

    3. The dining table was littered with _________ of bread as the family had just had their breakfast.

    4 She looked around for a _________ of paper to jot down the names of the things she needed.

    5. They had been walking all day and had not had even a _________ of food since morning.


    1. but

    2. pinch

    3. crumbs

    4. scrap

    5. morsel

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  • Q5

    Answer the following questions.

    (a) If we tore away a piece from a sheet of paper what would we call it?

    (b) What is a small piece of tree called?

    (c) What is a part of food called?

    (d) When we drink mouthful of water, what is it called?

    (e) What do we call a piece of cigarette?

    (f) What do we call the thick part of a tree?

    (g) What do we call the white covering of an egg?

    (h) What is the name given to the yellowish substance found inside egg called?

    (i) What is the covering of a grain called?

    (j) Name the triangular piece of cloth attached to the mast of a ship.





    (a) A scrap of paper

    (b) A stump of tree

    (c) A morsel

    (d) A sip of water

    (e) A stub of cigarette

    (f) A trunk

    (g) A shell

    (h) The albumin

    (i) The bran

    (j) The Sail

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