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  • Q1

    Describe the World Environment Day event held in your school, taking cue from the points given below.

    (a) World Environment Day held in Lawson High School.

    (b) The Chief Guest delivered a speech on conserving world environment.

    (c) Chief Guest was the famous writer and environmental activist, Margaret Atwood.

    (d) Play enacted by students on the significance of environment.

    (e) Refreshments were served on the occasion.


    World Environment Day held in Lawson High School….The Chief Guest delivered a speech on conserving world environment….She said an alarming increase in global warming has been observed…polar ice caps shrunk rapidly…increasing loss of habitat of many wild animals…many species are getting endangered and extinct…need to do something…check on carbon emissions…more eco-friendly articles should be used. Chief Guest was the famous writer and environmental activist, Margaret Atwood…Play enacted by students on the significance of environment…. Refreshments were served at the end of the event.

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  • Q2

    Describe the prize distribution ceremony held in your school.

    (a) Prize distribution held on Founder’s Day.

    (b) Winners in various competitions were awarded

    (c) Chief Guest was the District Mayor, Mr. Frank Goodman.

    (d) Dance and Drama were held.

    (e) Chocolates were distributed on the occasion.


    Prize Distribution Ceremony

    On the occasion of founder’s day, Holy Angels School organised many competitions for the students of all the classes. Competitions were held for events like painting, speech, essay writing, GK quiz, singing and dance. The winners of these competitions were awarded on 17 November 20xx. The function was presided over by the chief guest Mr. Frank Goodman, the district mayor. The event started at 9 a.m. in the Richard Hall. After the welcome speech, the Mayor spoke a few words on the role of extra-curricular activities in the personal growth of a child. Students performed several plays and dances. The prizes were distributed to them by the chief guest. In the end, chocolates were distributed to all and the students enjoyed it very much.

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  • Q3

    Describe an art exhibition held in Texas for a charitable cause with the help of the given points.

    (a) Painting exhibition held in Texas

    (b) Painter, Mr. Williams participated in Chelsea International Fine Art Competition in New York in 2007

    (c) 2000 people witnessed the art gallery

    (d) Portrayed the hardships of the poor

    (e) Beautiful scenic description in his paintings

    (f) Paintings for sale till next week

    (g) Money used for a good cause


    Art Exhibition

    An exhibition of paintings by Mr. Williams was held in Texas on 8 October, 20xx.

    Mr. Williams has conducted many exhibitions since 1997. He also participated in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, in New York, in 2007.

    More than 2000 people of different age groups witnessed the art gallery in the city. His paintings portrayed the hardships of the poor in America. Beggars begging on road and eating stale food, people struggling for a living and a place for shelter were themes of some of the paintings. All the emotions were depicted beautifully. The paintings are kept for sale till the next week. The money collected through this exhibition will be utilised for the treatment of poor cancer patients in the city.

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  • Q4

    Give a detailed description of the International Trade Fair.


    Hints: –Yearly fair…every winter from 14th November to 1st of December at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi…many national and international companies showcase their products …attractive pavillions are created denoting cultural, social and modern heritage of Indian states…nice family outing…pavillion for children and books generates major attraction…carries festival like mood.

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  • Q5

    Give a detailed description of the Independence Day Celebration.


    Hints: Observed annually on 15th August to commemorate Indian independence from the British regime on 15th August , 1947… this day is also a national holiday…the National flag is hoisted at the Red Fort by the Prime Minister…flag hoisting ceremonies and other cultural events are observed throughout India.

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