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  • Q1

    Describe a hospital staff nurse using the cues given below.

    (a) Mrs. Helen Anderson, Head Nurse, Max Hospital, Cape Town

    (b) 50 years old, her appearance

    (c) Very active

    (d) Emotional support to the patient’s family

    (e) Monitors proper treatment of patients


    Hospital Staff Nurse

    Mrs. Helen Anderson, the Head Nurse of Max Hospital, Cape Town, is 50 years old but is an extremely active person. She has a dark complexion, is of medium built and has always carries a sweet smile on her face. She takes care of the sick and injured in the hospital and carefully monitors the patients treatment, making sure that they take medicine on time, get enough fluids and fibre in their diet, and get proper nourishment . She helps them to feel comfortable.

    She sees to it that the patients’ rooms are kept clean. Medicines are given on time to them. Mrs. Anderson also ensures that the nurses under her are doing their duties properly.

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  • Q2

    Give a brief description of the principal of St. Joseph’s School using the following hints.

    (a) Appearance

    (b) Multiple roles

    (c) Relationship with students

    (d) Efforts


    The principal of St. Joseph’s School is fifty two years old. He is very humble and can be seen walking in the school corridor with a smile on his face.

    He performs multiple roles—that of a school manager, a leader, a motivator, a mentor and also a reformer.

    As far as his interaction with the students is concerned, he personally meets them and patiently listens to their concerns. He guides them accordingly. This is the reason he is respected and loved by everyone in the school. He never differentiates between a staff ward and a non-staff ward. He constantly works towards the betterment and growth of the students; he tries to find ways in which he can contribute to the development of school.

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  • Q3

    Describe a tramp/beggar in 350-400 words. You may use the vocabulary given below.


    Torn clothes----homeless----begs for alms and money----hair in knots----unclean clothes----poor-----can be witnessed on the streets or around corners------harmless----can be seen singing or humming old songs---sometimes carries a paper bag in one hand-----sad eyes----unkempt beard----scaly feet----wears a half-torn pair of shoes----personal experience of interacting with a tramp----gentle souls who could use a bit of help.

    Helpful Vocabulary:

    Dreadlocks, gnarled fingers, shabby appearance, loitering around corners

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  • Q4

    Write a descriptive essay on Charles Dickens in about 400 words. You may use the hints given below as guidelines.


    Charles Dickens: English writer and social critic-----born on 7th February 1812-----died on 9th June 1870-----second among 8 children----greatest novelist of Victorian era----best known for Great Expectations, Hard Times, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, etc.----was forced to leave school when father was sent to prison----worked at a blacking factory----worked as a journalist----married Catherine Thomson Hogarth----travelled extensively-----his work still continues to be appreciated around the world.

    Helpful vocabulary:

    Bleak childhood, filthy London streets, imprisoned, renowned author, rampant poverty.

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  • Q5

    Write a descriptive composition on “My Grandmother” in 350-400 words.


    My grandmother is 71 years of age. Her name is Alexandrine Gilmore. She is of a medium height and is well built. She has a gentle face with deep set eyes and ivory coloured hair. My grandmother was born in Illinois, Chicago and was the middle child among 3 children. Her parents hailed from Austin, Texas and relocated to Chicago before she was born. She attended Good Shepherd’s High School, where she was very popular because of her outstanding performance in academics and co-curricular activities. She had dark chestnut coloured hair flowing down to her waist when she was young. She got married when she was 23 years old to my grandfather who was her senior at college.

    After they got married, they moved to a big house in New Jersey. My mother and my aunt were born there. Grandmother and grandfather have not relocated ever since. My grandmother used to teach biology at a community college in New Jersey whereas my grandfather was an accountant before retirement. Grandmother is an excellent cook and makes the best cookies. Every year she hosts our entire family for thanksgiving dinner. When my brother and I were younger, she used to tell us all sorts of fairy-tales at bedtime. She still has loads of stories to tell and she tells us whenever we visit her. My grandmother is a very talented and caring woman.

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