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  • Q1

    You are Varun. Write a letter to your brother, Abhishek, telling him you don’t feel lonely in the boarding.


    45/99 Vishnu Colony

    Ahmadabad- 553300

    Dear Abhishek,

    I received your letter yesterday. I’m glad to know that everybody at home is doing well.

    I’ve settled myself in the new boarding environment. Life in boarding is quite different and is altogether a new experience. The room is shared by two students. Each one of us is given a bed, a study table, a chair and a cupboard for keeping clothes and our belongings.

    The warden is very kind and caring. He maintains good discipline. The meals provided here are quite satisfactory but could not match mom’s homemade recipes.

    Though I’m away, I don’t feel lonely here. My roommate hails from Udaipur. His name is Sandeep. He is friendly and we hit it off well. We’ve common interest in music and books.

    Rest is as usual. Do write to me often and extend my regards to mom and dad.

    Yours affectionately,


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  • Q2

    Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on his/her success in the Senior Secondary Examination.


    2/5 Modi Colony,

    New Delhi-200345.

    27th March, 20XX

    Dear Naveen,

    First of all, let me congratulate you on your success at the Senior Secondary Exams. We are all pleased to hear the happy news of your brilliant success. Your methodical hard work has brought laurels to your family and school. Your success is indeed laudable.

    Do let me know which college you intend to join.

    Congratulating you once again.

    Yours sincerely,


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  • Q3

    Write a letter to your cousin inviting him/her to spend the vacation with you.


    210, Vivek Vihar,

    Ghaziabad - 273409.

    16th October, 20XX

    Dear Sarita,

    I received your letter last week. Thank you so much.

    I’m sure you remember your promise to come and spend a few days of your winter vacations with us. Now that your semester exams are over and you are comparatively free from the burden of studies, you can spend some time with us.

    My winter break will start from 19th December, 20XX. Christmas is the ideal time to have fun. You’ve never experienced foggy mornings and cold nights in Chennai. There are also many places to explore here. I’m sure you will love the experience.

    Eagerly waiting for a positive reply.

    Your affectionate sister,


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  • Q4

    Write a good bye letter to your friend.


    12/76, Kali Bari,

    Hyderabad- 230987.

    10th February, 20XX

    Dear Babita,

    Our time together in the hostel has come to an end. I could not meet you since you left for your home town. But I just could not leave without writing to you. I shall always cherish the time we had spent during the past three years.

    Hostel life was fun. The freshers' day, the evening walks, picnics…what fun we had! Those golden days will always be a part of my life. But as you know, I applied for my further studies in University of Delhi. I finally got selected and I’m leaving tomorrow. I’m both excited and sad. I’ll treasure the moments spent with you. I wish you all the best in your undertakings in the future.

    My cell phone number and email address are the same. Do keep in touch. I take your leave with warm wishes for the future.

    Yours lovingly,


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  • Q5

    Write a letter to your sister, describing the school excursion that you recently went for.


    45D, KW Shristi Apartment
    New Delhi- 110055
    5th August, 20XX

    My dear Sakshi,

    I am very glad to recieve your letter yesterday. You have written that you want to know about my trip to Puri. Our school closed for the summer vacations on 12th May and next day we started for Puri. We reached Puri on 14th May and stayed at a hotel just near the sea-beach. We were in a perfect holiday mood and had a very pleasant time.

    The sea was rising and breaking upon the shore at all hours. Bathing in the sea was a very pleasant experience. We also visited Jagannath Temple, the Narendra Sarobar and Indradyumna Tank. We also went to the Reserve Forest, and were very much impressed by the sylvan beauty of the place. We left Puri on 19th May.

    Hope you are fine.
    Your loving sister,

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