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  • Q1

    Complete the dialogue by supplying appropriate question tags and short answers.

    Peter: I have not told you about my plans, ___________

    Sam: No, _____________

    Peter: This seems to be the right time to discuss, ____________

    Sam: Yes, _____________

    Peter: You are not busy, ___________

    Sam: No, _____________

    Peter: Well, I will be taking up German language for higher studies. I am sure you must have heard about it.

    Sam: Yes, it is a two year course, ____________

    Peter: Yes, _______

    Sam: This is a good decision for your career, _________

    Peter: Yes, ________


    Peter: have I?

    Sam: you haven’t.

    Peter: isn’t this?

    Sam: this is.

    Peter: are you?

    Sam: I am not.

    Sam: isn’t it?

    Peter: it is.

    Sam: isn’t this?

    Peter: this is.

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  • Q2

    4.1. You don’t like the sea food, do you? ___________________

    4.2. I am ready for the next task, aren’t I? __________________

    4.3. This dress is too big for me, isn’t it? __________________

    4.4. They have not done anything right, have they? __________________

    4.5 We are going to watch the movie, aren’t we? __________________


    4.1. Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

    4.2. Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

    4.3. Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

    4.4. Yes, they have. / No, they haven’t.

    4.5. Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t.

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  • Q3

    Rearrange each of the following groups of words in order to make meaningful sentences with an appropriate question tag and correct punctuations.

    3.1 not have/come here/you should/should you

    3.2 working on/you are/Saturdays/aren’t you

    3.3 be punctual/home work/Carol should/shouldn’t she/with her

    3.4. visit the/doctor tomorrow/he will/won’t he

    3.5. isn’t it/cold today/it is very


    3.1. You should not have come here, should you?

    3.2. You are working on Saturdays, aren’t you?

    3.3. Carol should be punctual with her home work, shouldn’t she?

    3.4. He will visit the doctor tomorrow, won’t he?

    3.5. It is very cold today, isn’t it?

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  • Q4

    Choose the correct question tag for the following sentences from the box.

    isn’t he? is she? will he? does she?

    won’t he? are they? wasn’t he? isn’t she?

    would you? isn’t he? can she? don’t we?

    2.1. He is from a small town, __________

    2.2. They aren’t in India at the moment, ____________

    2.3. She isn’t from Japan, ___________

    2.4. Joe was late, ________

    2.5. Jolie doesn’t work in hotel, ___________

    2.6. We go to play cricket every evening, ___________

    2.7. She is a very good cook, ____________

    2.8. He will be coming, _____________

    2.9. You wouldn’t come along, ______________

    2.10. I think he is from Turkey, ______________


    2.1. isn’t he?

    2.2. are they?

    2.3. is she?

    2.4. wasn’t he?

    2.5. does she?

    2.6. don’t we?

    2.7. isn’t she?

    2.8. won’t he?

    2.9. would you?

    2.10. isn’t he?

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  • Q5

    Fill in the blanks by supplying suitable question tags.
    1.1. There aren’t any insects in the room, ____________

    1.2. You play Flute, ____________

    1.3. You are coming, ___________

    1.4. She will tell him, ____________

    1.5. Jim and Kim don’t like to study history, ___________

    1.6. You don’t really love her, ____________

    1.7. She has eaten all the cookies, __________

    1.8. He won’t go for the movie, ___________

    1.9. We can go for the party, ____________

    1.10. You are coming, _____________


    1.1. are there?

    1.2. don’t you?

    1.3. aren’t you?

    1.4. won’t she?

    1.5. do they?

    1.6. do you?

    1.7. hasn’t she?

    1.8. will he?

    1.9. can’t we?

    1.10. aren’t you?

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