Complex Sentences

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  • Q1

    Identify the complex, compound or simple sentences in the following:-
    1. I expect to meet Elvis tomorrow.
    2. He visited the zoo which belonged to his uncle.
    3. You must eat, or you will be hungry.
    4. We must eat to live.
    5. The cab will leave as soon as the passengers arrive.


    1. Simple Sentence
    2. Complex Sentence
    3. Compound Sentence
    4. Simple Sentence
    5. Complex Sentence

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  • Q2

    Rearrange the following complex sentences:-
    1. Put/jacket/i/cold/my/on/outside/because/was/it
    2. She/although/worried,/reached/before/home/midnight /I/was
    3. Over,/film/sleep /will/go/is/to/the / after/we
    4. Attention/pay/to/careful/what/am/going/I/say/to
    5. Unfortunate/it/that/you/missed/was/it


    1. I put my jacket on because it was cold outside.
    2. Although I was worried, she reached home before midnight.
    3. After the film is over, we will go to sleep.
    4. Pay careful attention to what I am going to say.
    5. It was unfortunate that you missed it.

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  • Q3

    Identify the main clause and subordinate clause in the following complex sentences:
    1. We went to the party after the guest left.
    2. The students should visit the National Library because it has an excellent collection of books.
    3. Writing evolved when picture symbols changed into letters.
    4. Before I go to sleep, I apply night cream on my face.
    5. I ate breakfast before I went to work.


    1. Main Clause: We went to the party
    Subordinate Clause: after the guest left

    2. Main Clause: The students should visit the National Library
    Subordinate Clause: because it has excellent book collection

    3. Main Clause: Writing evolved
    Subordinate Clause: when picture symbol changed into letters

    4. Main Clause: I apply night cream on my face
    Subordinate Clause: Before I go to sleep

    5. Main Clause: I ate breakfast
    Subordinate Clause: before I went to work.

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  • Q4

    Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunctions:
    1. Natalie was singing _________ sitting on the porch.
    2. Cultivate a positive attitude, ___________ it will enable you to enjoy life more.
    3. People applauded around me __________ I ran towards the ceremonial stage.
    4. __________ you hurry, we may get to the museum before its closing.
    5. ________ he is very serious about it, you must treat the matter gravely.
    6. __________ it was never in her power, she winced and left.
    7. The train was very comfortable ____________ it was slow.
    8. __________ she came here, she had made her bed.
    9. ___________ you have a good memory, you have to study by repetition.
    10. ____________ of the rain, the cricket match was postponed.


    1. while
    2. because
    3. as
    4. If
    5. Since
    6. Because
    7. though
    8. Before
    9. Unless
    10. Because

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  • Q5

    Combine the following sentences into single complex sentences as directed:-
    1. He worked hard. His object was to gain promotion (Using adverb clause)
    2. Delia once had a hen. The hen laid a golden egg every day. (Using adjective clause)
    3. This is the very man. I saw him in the park. (Using adjective clause)
    4. The seminar was over. The boys rejoiced. (Using Adverb Clause)
    5. A good education is the best road to success in life. She believes this. (Using noun clause)


    1. He worked hard that he might gain promotion.
    2. Delia once had a hen that laid a golden egg every day.
    3. This is the very man who I saw in the park.
    4. The boys rejoiced when the seminar was over.
    5. She believes that a good education is the best road to success in life.

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