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  • Q1

    Fill in the blanks by rearranging the Noun Phrase:
    1. There are____in front of our house.Beautiful/trees/green/three.
    2. ___ were playing in the playground.
    3. My dad brought for me___.
    4. All the friends enjoyed ___ over there.
    5. Did you like___ yesterday.
    6.____ have arrived.
    7.______ should be left alone.

    8. He frightened_____.

    People/ bank/the/in/the/all

    9. Pass it over here______.


    10. _____is my aunt.



    1.Three beautiful green trees
    2. All the kids
    3. an expensive diamond studded necklace
    4. going for parties and dancing

    5. the clothes your mom bought

    6. Two of my guests

    7. The man sleeping on the dock

    8. all the people in the bank

    9. the big wooden box lying over there

    10. The tall woman standing there

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  • Q2

    Here are a few sentences. Think of some Prepositional Phrases that would make them more interesting:
    1. The kitten hid.
    2. The bird flew.
    3. The boy ran.
    4. The man slept.
    5. The girl wrote.


    1. The kitten hid under a cot without delay to save herself from the dog.
    2. The bird flew over a cuckoo’s nest.
    4. The man slept for two hours under the influence of the medicines he took.
    5. The girl wrote a letter to her father with the help of her elder sister.

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  • Q3

    Insert an Adverb Phrase that answers the question in the parenthesis:
    1. The mythological serial aired__ (when?)
    2. They followed their host__ (where?)
    3. None of the children could lift the heavy packages__
    4. The cricket match was cancelled__ (why)
    5. __we like to do yoga. (when)


    1. On Sunday mornings.
    2. Into the living room.
    3. By themselves.
    4. Due to the rain.
    5. In the morning.

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  • Q4

    Pick out the Adjectival Phrases in the following sentences.
    1. Humans can be fairly ridiculous animals.
    2. Her desire to succeed is commendable.
    3. My neighbour seems like a man of criminal nature.
    4. June 23 is the day of the greatest length.
    5. A hearty, wealthy, dapper gentleman was seen coming to the party.


    1. Fairly ridiculous.
    2. Commendable.
    3. A man of criminal nature.
    4. The day of the greatest length.
    5. A hearty, wealthy, dapper gentleman.

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  • Q5

    Pick out the Noun Phrase in the following sentences:
    1. They are talking about the tsunami that came yesterday.
    2. The man reading the newspaper is very intelligent.
    3. Don’t talk to these rude people.
    4. I met your sister Joan at the party.
    5. The boy in the red shirt is ready to do the work.
    6. All our money is in the bank.
    7. Those who arrive late will not be allowed to enter.
    8. Telling lies is a bad habit.
    9. He plans to start early.
    10. Fooling him is not easy.


    1. The tsunami that came yesterday
    2. The man reading the newspaper
    3. These rude people
    4. Your sister Joan
    5. The boy in the red shirt
    6. All our money
    7. Those who arrive late
    8. Telling lies
    9. To start early
    10. Fooling him

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