Simple Sentences

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  • Q1

    Point out the Predicates and state their forms
    i) They greeted the king.
    ii) Neha helped me.
    iii) He is a lawyer.
    iv) Cows eat grass.
    v) He gave me a book.


    i) king: A Noun
    ii) me: A Pronoun
    iii) lawyer: A Verb and its Complement
    iv) grass: A Transitive Verb and its Object
    v) me, book: A verb and its two Objects.

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  • Q2

    Point out the enlargement of the objects and state their form:-
    i) I like good boys.
    ii) He sat on an oak chair.
    iii) I know this boy.
    iv) He showed me a singing bird.
    v) I took Nitu’s pen.
    vi) I met Mr. Saxena, our Secretary.
    vii) Nobody saw the man in the moon.
    viii) She lives happily.
    ix) He is sitting behind me.
    x) Priya took my book.


    i) good: An Adjective
    ii) oak: Noun used as an Adjective
    iii) this: Pronoun used as an Adjective
    iv) singing: A Participle
    v) Nitu’s: A Noun in Possessive case
    vi) our secretary: A Noun in Apposition
    vii) in the moon: A Phrase
    viii) happily: An Adverb
    ix) behind: A Preposition with its Object
    x) my: A Pronoun in the Possessive case.

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  • Q3

    Point out the objects and state their forms
    i) I saw a tiger.
    ii) He is buying a shirt.
    iii) My father scolds him.
    iv) She nursed the sick.
    v) I began to write.
    vi) I began writing a letter.
    vii) I know what to do.
    viii) Mother Teresa helped the poor.
    ix) The train started to move.
    x) I love cycling.


    i) tiger: A Noun
    ii) shirt: A Noun
    iii) him : A Pronoun
    iv) sick: An Adjective
    v) to write: An Infinitive
    vi) writing: A Gerund
    vii) what to do: A Phrase
    viii) poor: An Adjective
    ix) to move: An Infinitive
    x) cycling: A Gerund

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  • Q4

    Point out the enlargement of the subjects and state their form:-
    i) Good students obey their teachers.
    ii) A Gold necklace is costly.
    iii) This pen is mine.
    iv) An interesting news reached us.
    v) Payal’s ring was lost.
    vi) Rani, my sister has been ill.
    vii) A desk to write on was wanted.
    viii) My wrist-watch is expensive.
    ix) A habit to explore new things is good.
    x) Flowing rivers remain clean.


    i) Good: An Adjective
    ii) Gold: A noun used as an Adjective
    iii) This: A Pronoun used as an Adjective
    iv) interesting: A Participle
    v) Payal’s: A Noun in a Possessive case
    vi) sister: A Noun in Apposition
    vii) to write on: A Phrase
    viii) wrist: Noun used as an Adjective
    ix) to explore: An Infinitive
    x) Flowing: A Gerund

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  • Q5

    Point out the subjects and state their forms
    i) Fish swims.
    ii) We go home.
    iii) The virtuous are happy.
    iv) To wait so long is dull.
    v) Writing a good essay is difficult.
    vi) What to follow is the problem.
    vii) Bird flies.
    viii) They come to school.
    ix) Swimming for hours is good.
    x) He is an astronaut.


    i) Fish: A Noun
    ii) We: A Pronoun
    iii) The virtuous: An Adjective
    iv) To wait: An Infinitive
    v) Writing: A Gerund
    vi) What to follow: A Phrase
    vii) Bird: A Noun
    viii) They: A Pronoun
    ix) Swimming: A Gerund
    x) He: A Pronoun

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