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  • Q1

    Write a speech on the topic—If I were a teacher, how would my class be different?


    Good morning everybody, I am Jacob from grade six. Today I am here to deliver a speech on a very interesting topic "If I were a teacher, how would my class be different?"

    First and foremost, I consider teaching a very noble profession. Therefore, it would be a great privilege for me if I get a chance to teach young students. A teacher with a kind and genial disposition normally shares a great rapport with their students.

    Whether I teach tiny tots in kindergarten, infants in primary school, adolescents in high school or collegians in a university, I will be as innovative and creative as I can in teaching.

    It will be a blissful experience to see little children taking their first step as students. Teaching them the English alphabet or mathematical numbers will be fun. I will try to take a different approach rather than going for books. I feel children will learn faster when they are taught new things through games.

    When in primary school, I will encourage my pupils all the time. As they will be in their formative years, I will condition their minds in such a way that they develop a positive outlook towards life. I will also encourage them to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities.

    If I am teaching students of senior classes, I will make sure to drive home the significance of the exams they will be appearing for. Finally, if I join a college, I will see that there are different literary societies which will help my students become outspoken and extrovert.

    Teaching, as a profession, can be very fulfilling and I am absolutely excited about it.

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  • Q2

    Write a speech on the topic "School violence".


    A very warm Good Morning/Good Afternoon to everyone present here. Now I would like to deliver a speech on the topic "School Violence", which I am sure all my schoolmates will be able to identify with.

    School violence basically refers to a brawl among students or a duel between two fellow mates. Many teenagers who study in schools are normally very warm-blooded, so much so that even a small argument easily leads to big fights. Such students are quite enamoured of violence. Their behaviour is rather inexplicable as one fails to understand the sadistic pleasure they derive from hurting others or watching them writhing in agony.

    Bullies like to threaten their classmates and are never hesitant of going to the principal’s office where they are reprimanded. Those who bow and scrape to ruffians need to understand that associating with such persons won’t help them in any way.

    School violence is a very disturbing phenomenon and it needs to be done away with. Governments worldwide need to realise that a student’s life is very precious and they can’t afford losing it to school violence.

    Every country must formulate strict norms in context of school discipline which will help curb the aggressive streak in youngsters. The school management must also feel incumbent upon itself to inform its pupils of the consequences of indulging in violence. A proper counseling will definitely help change the mindset of those who find violence very fascinating. Students need to be mindful of the age-old saying that violence begets violence.

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  • Q3

    Write a speech on the topic "My Favourite Cartoon Characters".


    Good morning/Good afternoon to everyone present here. I take this opportunity to throw light on some of my favourite cartoon characters, that I am quite sure all my dear friends and children across the globe love to watch.

    One of the most famous cartoon programmes of the 90s was "The Jungle Book" whose characters were Mowgli, Sher Khan, Bagira and Baloo. Mowgli, who used a boomerang as his weapon, was the only human being among all the wild animals of the jungle. Indian Bollywood actor Nana Patekar lent his prominent voice to the character of Sher Khan, a tiger who was after Mowgli’s life. Bagira, the panther and Baloo, the bear were Mowgli’s aides.

    Duck Tales and Talespin were also my favourite shows. Uncle Scrooge, the stingy old duck, who loved to swim in his pool of gold coins, and his three young ducks as his nephews who always landed up in troubles.

    Talespin had the bulky Baloo who rendered his services as a pilot to the sulky Madam Mahalingam. These shows were adorable and always managed to tickle the funny bone.

    How can one talk of cartoon characters without mentioning the famous duo—Tom and Jerry! Tom never gives up chasing Jerry and the latter seldom gets caught.

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  • Q4

    Write a speech on the following topic "What will I do if I win a lottery?".


    A very good morning to everyone present here. I am here today to deliver a speech on the topic – "What will I do if I win a lottery?"

    There can’t be a better stroke of good luck than winning a lottery. If I become so lucky, I will make optimum use of the wealth that I get.

    I will not be keen to acquire material possessions such as a big house or a luxurious car. These can offer comfort but they can’t buy us happiness. Therefore, I will first look into the financial security of me and my family. A good part of the money will go into my bank account as savings for emergency use to secure my future. It is always good to have a healthy bank balance which yields regular interests and comes in handy during an emergency.

    What matters most in life is what we do for others. As a responsible citizen, I would like to do something for my society and country. I am a bit skeptical of donating money to charitable organisations. Instead, I will be happier to take initiative and do something myself for the needy.

    A country starts progressing when its youth is educated. For that reason, I will use my resources to help educate as many poor children as possible. That way I will end up touching many people's lives.

    I will certainly do all that I dream of if I win a lottery.

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  • Q5

    Write a speech on the following topic – "What makes India an ideal tourist destination?"


    Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am here today to deliver a speech on the topic – 'What makes India an ideal tourist destination?'

    India, as a country, is famous for its diversity and culture. It is one country where you find everything, from deserts to beaches, as well as snow-capped mountains. India is also a religious country where there are umpteen temples and other places of worship. The Indian cuisine is unique and the hospitality that Indians show to their guests is not witnessed anywhere else.

    Rajasthan is one state in India whose landscape and culture attract hordes of tourists. Whether it is summer or winter, one can always see foreigners exploring the different cities that boast of splendid forts and historical monuments. The huge influx of visitors prompted the Indian Railways to start the Palace on Wheels, India’s first luxury train.

    The same can be said about Goa whose sun-kissed beaches draw tourists throughout the year. There is a carnival atmosphere all 365 days and there is no tourist season as such. Over the years, the southern state of Kerala has also emerged as a major tourist destination whose backwaters have earned it the sobriquet ''God’s Own Country".

    New Delhi and Mumbai, the two biggest metropolitan cities, make for an ideal destination for globe-trotters. While the former is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, the latter is one of the hippest places on this planet. One just needs to visit Connaught Place or Colaba to witness the strong presence of vacationists jostling in the crowd.

    The Taj Mahal in Agra is the biggest tourist attraction of all. The mausoleum made of marble by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved counts among the rarest monuments and is deservedly one of the seven wonders of the world. An India tour is incomplete without a visit to the Taj Mahal where the east meets the west.

    India has a lot to offer and that is what makes it an ideal tourist destination.

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