Story Writing

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  • Q1

    Maria started writing a short story but left it unfinished. Complete the story by imagining a situation and adding a few points of your own.

    Delia used to limb. She never crossed road without help. One Sunday morning she was on her way to the auditorium for music class. She met a little girl…


    Delia used to limb. She never crossed road without help. One Sunday morning she was on her way to the auditorium for music class. She met a little girl who had a serene smile on her face on the road. The little girl offered Delia help by holding her hand. They both crossed the road and the girl disappeared quickly. Delia suddenly felt as if some power was getting into her limbs. She could move her limbs on her own. She could not believe what was happening to her and looked for some sign of magical power. She climbed the stairs of the auditorium and was welcomed as if she was a celebrity. A loud applause and cheerful clapping greeted her and left her totally baffled. Delia’s happiness was tremendous. Her voice grew very confident and things in life started favouring her. She was wondering if God has sent an angel to ease her life.

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  • Q2

    Write a story with the moral “A young idler, an old beggar.”


    Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy merchant. His name was Oscar. He was a self-made man who had survived difficult times and had succeeded in life. Oscar had a young son named Thomas whom he loved dearly. All his hopes, expectations and affections were for Thomas. He thought that Thomas should never struggle for anything in life. He should always live a life of comfort and fulfilment, and so he worked harder each day so that Thomas would not have to struggle a day in his life.

    When Thomas grew young, he was married off to the daughter of a wealthy nobleman. Thomas was very much accustomed to the life his father provided him with. He was a spendthrift and knew nothing about saving money. Oscar tried to teach his son how he conducted the family business. But the boy could not be taught. All he knew was how to spend money and the nuances of earning eluded him. Thomas and his wife continued to live on the money of Oscar and they hardly had any dearth of luxury.

    Years passed and Oscar grew older. He willed all his possessions to his son and when the time came, Oscar passed away.

    Thomas was never accustomed to dealing with money. He was only familiar with his luxurious lifestyle, which he could not afford to lose. His lifestyle was sustained by his inheritance; but only till a certain time.

    “What is this, Matilda? Is this what you call a breakfast? Porridge! Do you take me for a farmer? Is there no bread in this house?” Thomas screamed at his maid.

    “I’m afraid there’s no bread, Master.”

    “Well, then run along and buy some! Dear, would you please give the woman some money?”

    “We don’t have any left,” his wife said.

    “How do we not have money left?” Thomas was bewildered.

    Thomas thought long and hard. “Ask someone to get the carriage ready. I’ll have a word with Sebastian.”

    “There is no one, master. Everybody left. They knew you are broken,” Matilda replied.

    “Then I suppose I shall walk,” Thomas stormed out of the house.
    Sebastian was the moneylender who was notorious for his mercilessness. He loaned Thomas some money but even that didn’t last. Thomas kept accumulating debts but could repay none. His wife left him, he was forced to sell his house and had no place to go. Once affluent, he died a beggar.

    Moral: Let your children experience hard times, so that when they grow old they know how to utilize money.

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  • Q3

    Write a story with the help of the following outline:

    Boy set to guard sheep - told to cry "Wolf!" if he sees a wolf near the flock - watches the sheep for several days - gets tired of the monotonous work - so one day shouts "Wolf!" as a joke -all the villagers hasten to his help - they find no wolf - boy laughs at them- villagers angry- plays the same joke a few days later- some villagers take no notice - some come running- finding nothing, they beat the boy- at last wolf really comes - boy is terrified and shouts "Wolf! Wolf!" - villagers take no notice - wolf kills several sheep.


    The Boy Who Cried "Wolf!"

    One of the boys in a village was sent out into fields to look after the sheep. The villagers asked the boy to take care of the sheep and look out for wolves. They told him that if he sees a wolf coming near the sheep, he must shout "Wolf!" and they will come to help him at once.

    So every morning he drove his sheep out to the hillside and watched them all day. And when evening came, he drove them home again. But after a few days he got rather tired of this lonely life. Nothing happened and no wolves came. So he decided to play a trick on the villagers just for fun. He began shouting "Wolf! Wolf!" The villagers came running with the sticks and when they were unable to find any wolf, the boy laughed at them and said that he played a joke on them. This made them very angry and after warning the boy not to repeat this mistake they went back to their work.

    The boy kept quiet for some days. But he got restless again and played the same joke again. Some villagers took no notice but some thought that he could be saying the truth and came running to help him. When they saw no wolf and the boy laughing again, they got extremely angry, seized the boy and gave him a good beating, and left him crying instead of laughing.

    A few days later a wolf really did come. The boy got frightened and shouted "Wolf! Wolf!" But this time the villagers took no notice of his shouts and thought that the boy is playing his stupid tricks again. No one came to help him and the wolf killed several sheep and frightened the boy nearly out of his wits.

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  • Q4

    Write an original story about a man, whose doctor has given him three months to live.

    • Introduction – Death, the ultimate truth
    • Story background
    • What happens after doctor’s advise?
    • What else happens?
    • Conclusion


    “This life at best is an inn and we the passengers”, said James Howell. It is quite evident from this saying that death is the ultimate end of all human beings and therefore, a universal truth. The learned men being aware of this truth are not scared of death. However, life becomes miserable for a normal person who becomes aware of the time duration for which he is going to live.

    This is what happened to Richard Brown, a middle class widower who worked in a multi-national company. He had no one to look after him, as he had no children and no wife. He was a man of strong character with a soft and gentle disposition. He was popular with the children of his neighbourhood with whom he used to play on weekends. However, age was catching up on him and he was no longer agile or energetic as he used to be in his youth. One day on the suggestion of a local lad, he went to see the doctor to enquire of his ailment.

    The doctor on seeing his blood report turned morose and with a sympathetic tone told him, that he was suffering from blood cancer that was in the terminal stage and he had only three months to live. This unexpected piece of bad news came as a shock to him. He was very anguished and could not fathom as to why God was so unkind to him. But time is a great healer and he accepted his fate. He donated all his worldly possessions, left his job and devoted himself in the service of poor.

    After two months, he received a call from the same doctor who apologized for his mistake, telling him that his report got mixed with the report of another patient with the same name. His blood report was quite normal and therefore, he would live a normal life. The news so excited Richard, but the thought of having lost everything came as a shock, which proved fatal for him and he collapsed clutching the receiver.

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  • Q5

    II. Write a story titled “The Hijacking” with the help of the hints given below:


    • Introductory background
    • When and where it happened?
    • How it happened?
    • The old ladies diverted attention of hijacker.
    • Conclusion



    I was returning to my native place after having completed my studies abroad. The yearning to meet my parents and friends grew with every passing minute as I boarded the plane. Seated next to me was a boy who was about five years old. He was visiting his grandma and was travelling alone. Next to him were two old ladies in their late fifties, who despite their gray hair were bubbling with excitement and chattering excitedly.

    Just as we were about to land at the airport, a young man caught hold of the boy, placing a knife on his neck and ordered the pilot not to land the plane and instead proceed to a remote place. Suddenly one of the ladies collapsed on the floor and the other lady shouted at the hijacker for having caused her a heart attack. The hijacker’s attention was momentarily diverted. Sensing this, a well-built young man knocked the knife out of his hand. He was overpowered and everybody heaved a sigh of relief. The old ladies had planned this diversion and were inundated with applause for their presence of mind.

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