Single Word for a Group of Words

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  • Q1

    Relating to a type of animal that lives both on land and in water




    Amphibious animals are capable of living on both land and in water.

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  • Q2

    Person who believes in fate:




    A fatalist believes that all events in life are predetermined and dependent on our fate.

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  • Q3

    Write a single word for the group of words.

    1. One who rides on horseback: _______

    2. One who believes in fate: ______

    3. Without life: ______

    4. Too great to be expressed in words: _______

    5. Which cannot be copied: _______


    1. equestrian

    2. fatalist

    3. inanimate

    4. ineffable

    5. inimitable

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  • Q4

    State if the given statements are TRUE or FALSE.

    1. Misrule or absence of government is called aristocracy.

    2. Anonymous is something that does not bear the name of the writer.

    3. A person who has learned culture of different countries is called convalescent.

    4. Something which belongs to a date before the fixed time is called antedate.

    5. This ancient painting belongs to the present time showcasing today’s lifestyle.


    1. FALSE, it is anarchy.

    2. TRUE

    3. FALSE, he is a cosmopolitan.

    4. TRUE

    5. FALSE, the painting is contemporary in nature.

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  • Q5

    Fill in the blanks with a single word.

    1. An _______ object cannot speak.

    2. Sandra is a ______ person. She loves the company of friends.

    3. Doctors are considered _______ though they can also make mistakes.

    4. In a _______, members of a state are elected by the citizens of that country.

    5. No one is able to break into this _________ fort till date.


    1. inanimate

    2. gregarious

    3. infallible

    4. democracy

    5. impregnable

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