Modal Auxiliaries-2

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  • Q1

    You _________ see a movie or go out for dinner.




    ‘Can’ is used to express suggestion.

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  • Q2

    Find the errors in the following sentences and rewrite the sentences using may, might, can or could:

    a)I have a lot of dresses. You might borrow any.

    b) I would not come tomorrow.

    c) They will have taken the express train instead of the bus.

    d) Might I take your coat?

    e)Your father need to come next week.


    (a) I have a lot of dresses. You may borrow any.

    (b) I might not come tomorrow.

    (c) They could have taken the express train instead of the bus.

    (d) May I take your coat?

    (e) Your father may come next week.

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  • Q3

    Select the correct option from the bracket.

    1. Mitchell (may not, cannot) like what you did.

    2. I (might not, could not) be available next week.

    3. The Harrisons (might not, could not) press charges against him. They don’t like conflicts.

    4. If we take this route, we (could, can) reach Long Island before 8:00PM.

    5. He said I (should, can) use his phone any time.


    1. may not

    2. might not

    3. might not

    4. can

    5. can

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  • Q4

    Fill in the blanks considering the expressions given in brackets:

    1. Daisy ____ be sick. We should call her. (can/might/may) (uncertain)

    2. George _____ be on his way. ( can/might) (possibility)

    3. You ____ submit the duly filled form at the post office. ( can/could) (informal permission)

    4. We _____ not afford to buy a car in those days. (could/might) ( ability)

    5. _____ I dance with you? (may/ can) (more formal)


    1. might

    2. might

    3. can

    4. could

    5. may

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  • Q5

    Fill each blank with the correct modals

    (i) ______ I borrow your dictionary.

    (ii) He _______ understand French very well.

    (iii) ________ she play the violin when she was a child?

    (iv) She ______ have reached Calgary by now.

    (v) I have not completed the assignment.______ you please help me with it?


    (i) May

    (ii) can

    (iii) Could

    (iv) might

    (v) Could

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