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  • Q1

    You are Shekhar/Shreya. Write an email to your father who is away on a business tour, requesting him to buy for you a hi-fi digital camera.


    Request for a Digital Camera

    Dear Dad,

    I hope things are well with you there. We are happy about the successful business deal you have made in Mumbai.

    May I request you to buy a digital camera for me? Lots of latest hi-fi stuffs are available in Mumbai. You know that my old camera has become so outdated now that my friends sometimes make fun of me. If I get the latest digital camera it will surely help me a lot in my hobby of photography. It has a lot of storage capacity and also I can easily transfer the pictures to my PC. I have also found that ‘Cannon’ is the best brand for cameras though a bit expensive.

    Mummy is quite well here and she has no problem with sinusitis these days. Shikha is burning the midnight oil for the IIT entrance test. All of us miss you a lot.

    Eagerly waiting for your return,


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  • Q2

    Write an email to your friend Navin/Nikhita inviting him/her to come and stay with you after the examinations and explaining him/her, how you would entertain and amuse him/her.


    Invitation to Spend Vacation Together

    Dear Navin,

    I hope you are faring well in the examinations.
    I would like to invite you to accompany us to Dehradun, where my Dad has a farm house. We have planned to spend a week there after our examination. Harish and Varun are also interested in joining us. It will be a great fun.
    I am sure that you will be amazed at the breathtaking landscapes, huge meadows and peaceful hills there. You can enjoy the peace and serenity, a relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. We can have the evening walks, picking mushrooms on the way, in the bracing cool wind. It will be an unforgettable event for you if we have a barbecue in the garden.
    Do not engage in any other programmes but rush to us soon after the completion of your exams. All the best and hope to see you soon.

    With warm regards,

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  • Q3

    Recently you visited Taj Mahal with your family. Write an email, in about 120 -150 words to your friend, narrating the trip and your excitement on watching the monument which is counted as one of the wonders of the world.



    Subject: A Visit to Taj Mahal.

    Dear Rajeev,

    I am very excited to share my joy with you. Recently we visited Taj Mahal. We started early in the morning and reached Agra at 11 am. We had to wait in the long queue to get the tickets but the excitement to watch the marvellous building helped us to overcome all tiredness.

    In the bright light of the day, the wonder of the world shone with awe inspiring loveliness. No doubt it is one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. As its vast marble dome reflected the sun, its colour changed, from soft grey and yellow to pearly cream and dazzling white. It is worth visiting the Taj Mahal at different times. Like an icing on the cake, there was an unexpected drizzle which changed the whole environment. Our joy had no bounds. We clicked many snaps. The Yamuna looked marvelous as it was flooded with rain water.

    How I wished you were with me enjoying this fabulous show!

    I hope that you too, may get an opportunity to visit it as soon as possible.

    With best regards,


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  • Q4

    You bought a washing machine recently which is not functioning properly. Write an e-mail to the showroom complaining about the product in about 120 -150 words.



    Subject: Complaint about defective washing machine

    Dear Sir,

    I purchased a washing machine, receipt no. 123456, from your showroom on 13th May, 2013. I am sorry to inform you that the washing machine is defective. Firstly, It has been just three months of its purchase and it makes an unbearable noise while functioning. Moreover, it does not clean the clothes properly. I made several complaints earlier also but no action was taken. I am highly disappointed with your service.

    I request you to either replace the product or refund my money. The machine is in the warranty period.

    A copy of the receipt and the warranty card has been attached with this mail for your reference. Kindly, take necessary actions immediately.

    Looking forward to your prompt reply,


    Richa Mehta

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  • Q5

    You are Ashish/Ankita. You got an inverter installed at your house through a dealer of Sunlight Inverter Company. Now you find that it is not working and the local electrician, who examined it, told you that it has a technical defect. Write an email to the company requesting them to replace it immediately in about 120 -150 words.



    Subject: Replacement of defective inverter.


    I got an inverter installed at my house through your dealer on 15th May, 20XX. It stopped working two days ago. The electrician who examined it told that there is a certain technical defect in the inverter. Not only that, the inverter gets heated up and makes a lot of noise which could be dangerous. Therefore, this inverter would need a replacement. As per the guarantee offered by the company, I am entitled to replacement and a trouble-free service for 3 years. Therefore, I request you to replace the defective product as early as possible. My residential area has frequent power cuts and that’s the reason I request to give me a prompt service.


    Ashish Soam

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