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  • Q1

    Write a letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality during your stay with him during Christmas holidays.


    2653 Ohio Ave

    St Louis, MO 63118


    3 January 2018

    Dear Francis

    I have just reached home after spending a delightful Christmas with you. The journey was quite comfortable and I reached home safe and sound. I want to thank you for the wonderful time I had with your family.

    The hospitality shown by the members of your household was amazing. I want to thank your Mom for the delicious dishes she made for me. She cooked incredible dishes with ease.

    I will always cherish the days I spent with your family as the happiest time in my life.

    Thanks and regards


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  • Q2

    Write a letter to your friend condoling with her on her grandfather’s death.


    60 Perkins Ext.

    Memphis TN 38117


    26 March 2018

    It was shocking to hear about the tragic death of your grandfather. When I visited him last month he looked hale and hearty. I could never think that he would leave us so soon. I am deeply saddened by his sudden departure.

    Your grandfather was a very kind and gentle person. Whenever I met him, he asked me about my family and studies. He liked to talk about his own college days. He was very supportive and loving. The passing away of such a loving person has left a vacuum in my heart.

    Words are only comforters and I can only lament with you. I pray that God might give peace to the departed soul and strength to you and your family.

    With deepest sorrow


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  • Q3

    Write a letter to your friend congratulating her on her birthday.


    330 Fifth Avenue North

    P.O. BOX 190606

    Nashville, TN 37219

    15 April 2018

    Dear Margret

    I hope my letter finds you in the best of your spirits. I received your invitation for your birthday party; but I wouldn’t be able to come for the same as I am leaving for Tennessee next week to visit my grandparents. I wish you a very happy birthday in advance.

    I know your birthday party would be really great. It saddens me that I wouldn’t be able to hug my best friend. I really miss you. Once I’m back, I’ll come to visit you.

    Please convey my regards to your Mom and Dad.

    With best wishes


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  • Q4

    You are a student of grade 7 studying in a residential school. Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you some money.


    St. John’s Residential School

    179 Fisher Avenue

    Rolf Valley, Borrowdale



    5 March 2018

    Dear Dad

    I received your affectionate letter last week. I am very glad to know that all of you are in good health. I too am doing well here.

    In January you sent me $100. I’ve spent the amount on my due expenses. As you know, my fee for the next quarter is due. Kindly send me $200 at the earliest. I need to pay the school, boarding and examination fee before the end of this month.

    I am busy preparing for the term examinations and practicing for the annual arts festival. I am participating in a One-act play.

    Convey my regards to Mom, Sofia, Granddad and Granny.

    Yours affectionately


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  • Q5

    Write a letter to a potential pen pal.


    1208 Golden Avenue


    Nairobi, Kenya

    16 March, 2018

    Dear Rosalind

    My name is Mary and I found your name and address on Kids Pen Pals advertised in Youth Magazine. I’m from Kenya and studying in grade 7. I would like to become your pen pal. It will be wonderful to have someone to share one’s views and thoughts.

    I am an active member of our school drama club. I see that you are also associated with theatre. Which play have you done?

    Besides this, I’m a pet lover too. I’ve a German shepherd and an aquarium at home. Both need a lot of attention. My hobby is music. I love heavy metals and a great fan of Aerosmith.

    Waiting eagerly to hear from you.

    Your loving friend


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