Figures of speech

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  • Q1

    Identify the pun in the following:

    1. Do you know why it’s easy for a hunter to find a leopard? Because a leopard is always spotted.
    2. When gambling became legal in the city, everyone agreed that the city was now a bettor place.
    3. Then there was the scientist who disconnected his doorbell. He wanted to win the Nobel Prize.
    4. What do you call a shoe store with only one owner? A sole proprietorship.
    5."The dreamers often lie."


    1. Spotted: "seen", "covered with spots, like a leopard"
    2. Bettor: means "a person who bets or gambles. It sounds like "better", meaning "improved."
    3. "Nobel" sounds like "no bell."
    4. "Sole" has two meanings: 1) only one, and 2) the bottom of a shoe.
    5. The pun is “lie”: lie in bed or it means lie about dreams.

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  • Q2

    Write the literary term (figure of speech) that goes with each example.

    1. “My food loves to prance, to jump, to dance.”
    2. “She sells seashells by the seashore.”
    3. “You are as pretty as a June bug.”
    4. “You are a pain in the neck.”
    5. “His eyes were grey like a tree bark.”


    1. Personification
    2. Alliteration
    3. Simile
    4. Metaphor
    5. Simile

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  • Q3

    Identify if the sentences or phrases below are metaphors or metonyms.
    1. His hands were vine shoots.
    2. He took to the bottle after his wife's death.
    3. There was not a soul in the street.
    4. Life is not a bed of roses.
    5. The dinner cost us twenty pounds per head.
    6. Would you like a Scotch?
    7. He is afraid of the Evil One.
    8. The music of her laugh.
    9. He is a wet blanket.

    10. He was a man of cloth.


    1. Metaphor
    2. Metonym
    3. Metonym
    4. Metaphor
    5. Metonym
    6. Metonym
    7. Metonym
    8. Metaphor
    9. Metaphor
    10. Metonym

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  • Q4

    Identify the type of figurative expression in each of the following:
    1. The pen is mightier than the sword.
    2. "Death, thou shalt die".
    3. The hands of a clock
    4. The traffic is crawling
    5. Ideas are food to be consumed


    1. Metonymy (pen = 'writing'; sword = 'fighting')
    2. Personification
    3. Personification
    4. Personification
    5. Metaphor

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  • Q5

    Choose the appropriate metonym for the following phrases:

    [Hand Dish The White House Hollywood Pen Hard work Crown The Pentagon Sword Meals]

    1. For the power of a king

    2. Referring to the American administration

    3. To refer an entire plate of food

    4. For the Department of Defense and the offices of the U.S. Armed Forces

    5. For the written word

    6. For military force

    7. For US Cinema

    8. For help

    9. Blood, sweat, and tears

    10. Room and board


    1. Crown
    2. The White House
    3. Dish
    4. The Pentagon
    5. Pen
    6. Sword
    7. Hollywood
    8. Hand
    9. Hard work
    10. Food

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