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  • Q1

    Give a brief narration of your visit to Joburg Zoo, Johannesburg, with your family.


    I am lucky that I got a chance to see the bush elephants, giraffes, wild buffalos, and zebras in front of me, live and active in their not-so-real habitats. A visit to a zoo is not only exciting and enjoyable but also informative and educative too. This Christmas vacations, my parents took me to the famous Joburg Zoo, Johannesburg, which was like a dream come true for me.

    I always have a fascination for giant animals like rhinos and elephants. The Johannesburg Zoo features the Big 5 animal species. Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo—Africa's greatest animals—are the five most dangerous and difficult animals in Africa to hunt. I got a chance to feed elephants with my own hands, a lifetime memorable experience for me. I also saw Diana monkeys, ring tailed lemurs, chimpanzees, Hartman’s zebra, antelope, leopard and many more wild animals. After walking for miles in the zoo, we all felt hungry and decided to have lunch. The zoo's restaurant provided affordable scrumptious meals, from mouthwatering sandwich, pizza to burgers and salads that could appeal people of all ages. There were also several kiosks, ice cream and other vendors situated in various sites around the zoo.

    After lunch, we started to meet some more animal friends. There was a separate enclosure for animals and reptiles which move during nights. The enclosure was dark and had dim light. One can see the nocturnal creatures moving about in darkness. There was a train to take one on ride all around the zoo if one get tired of walking.

    When I left the zoo in the evening, I was filled with pleasant memories of birds, animals and reptiles which are also creations of God and which have a right to live with us in this wonderful world. My love for pets grew deeper and I took promise from my father that he will buy me a parrot on the New Year Eve, to which he also agreed readily.

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  • Q2

    Your class teacher, along with your science teacher, conducted a trip to a forest to explore the flora of that place. Give a brief narration of your visit to the forest.



    • Students of our class were taken to a nearby forest for a visit to explore the various species of plants.
    • Assisted by our class teacher and the science teacher.
    • Felt excited as I had never seen a forest before, and heard a lot of stories about the flora and fauna of jungles.
    • The forest was 120 km from our town. It took us two hours to reach there.
    • The beauty of the greenery enthralled us.
    • Class teacher warned us of the dangers of a forest
    • Asked us to take due care while walking in the forest.
    • Saw creepers, tall trees, shrubs, and some herbs too.
    • Enjoyed the clean fresh air, ate fruits plucked from some known trees in the forest.
    • Collected leaves of different shapes and sizes.

    a memorable visit that will remain imprinted in my mind for years.

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  • Q3

    Give a brief narration of your visit to an exhibition held in your own town to promote the wok of local craftsmen and farmers.


    Recently an exhibition was held in Cradock, my own small town. The exhibition was not so big and grand as the recent one held in Johannesburg, yet it was remarkable in its own way. It was a very modest show, yet it was represented well and attended by a large crowd.

    It was organized by the town council and district authorities to encourage the introduction of small scale industries in rural and suburbs to create employment. The local leaders took keen interest and put up a very good show. Never before had we realised that our town possessed such as vast scope for the development of cottage industries. We all felt that a vast heap of wealth was lying unused in our town and its surroundings.

    The exhibition was held in the vast grounds on the bank of the Great Fish River. Temporary stalls were built to accommodate exhibits of different articles.
    The exhibitions lasted for about a week and were attended by thousands of people. Buying and selling worth thousands of South African Rands was done.

    First there were agricultural exhibits which the farmers had displayed. There were vegetables of all kinds and sizes. One farmer had a peculiar pumpkin which was praised by everybody. I was surprised to see a plum that resembled a red apple. There was also exhibited fine specimen of cereals which attracted much attention. There were also remarkable specimens of sweet potatoes and tomatoes of different sizes and colours.
    We saw apples, almonds, raisins and cardamoms of such fine shapes and colours that we could hardly distinguish them from the real ones. They were so beautifully laid that they deceived even the sharpest eye. They received praise from all and the farmers who grew them were awarded medals and trophies.

    There were leather products manufactured by local craftsman. Their delicacy of texture and finest of finish astonished us beyond any measure. We saw a piece of leather cloth which could beat in shimmer even the finest silk of China.

    Besides these, a blacksmith had put models of an airplane and a rocket launcher which were highly appreciated. A carpenter had deployed a beautiful car and a goldsmith had made a wonderful golden statue of a bush elephant.

    The exhibition was a success in every way. The local authorities were able to collect nearly ZAR 2 crores in the exhibition. The farmers and craftsmen got several business proposals from across the country. The need for organising such exhibitions in our towns is greet at present. Local skill is not deficient and if properly used, it can add greatly to the wealth of South Africa.

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  • Q4

    Write a narrative composition on your first visit to a cinema hall.


    Hints- the day the final exams got over …friends decide to watch a movie… go to a recently opened cinema hall…a long queue for tickets…dazzling interiors… seats were cushioned.. The walls were beautifully decorated…the hall was fully air-conditioned…slowly the audience poured in… packed to the capacity... the movie ..‘Life of Pi’ started… few details about the movie… a heart-warming film… the two hours of illusion was finally over… the magical world of cinema that transports us to an altogether different world.

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  • Q5

    Write a narrative composition on your visit to Agra with your friends.


    Hints – Your class is taken for an excursion to Agra…a five hour bus journey … filled with music, singing and dancing… stopover at a dhaba… hustle-bustle at the ticket counter...the monument stood in breathtaking splendour surrounded by lush green gardens with ponds lined with marble fountains …a short description of the monument…brief history of the monument… it was a full moon night… a concert was organized there…Taj Mahal shone in its full glory in the moon light…the view was mesmerizing… It is befittingly called the monument of love.

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