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  • Q1

    Write a reflective composition on the importance of leisure in our hectic routine life.



    • A machine can work incessantly, man cannot.
    • We need a respite from our routine life to recharge our body and mind.
    • This provides rest from physical fatigue and mental stress that we earn in our daily lives.
    • Improves quality of work that we do.
    • Gives chance to promote social interaction.
    • Can pursue our hobbies.
    • Offers time for family and friends.
    • Recharges our mind with fresh and innovative ideas.

    A happy man is one who appreciates the value of his leisure time.

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  • Q2

    Write a reflective composition expressing your feelings on ‘Being at home: Home Sweet Home’.


    Home Sweet Home

    Home is not just four walls and furniture. It is the love and warmth of the people living together as a family that makes a home. No matter where we go, and what we do, the thought of our beloved ones warms our heart, and increases our yearning to return home. So strong is this feeling that prolonged absence makes us feel homesick. Even after living in a luxurious hotel for a few days, you will start craving for sleeping in your own bedroom.

    The true value of home is actually felt by students staying in hostels for study, or by the young men and women taking up job away from home. The initial excitement of meeting new people, visiting new places, eating food of choice soon fade away with time when they are appalled by the impersonal attitude of the hostel wardens, and the messing staff, who go about their duty almost mechanically with no scope for showing affection towards the hostellers. The absence of parents and siblings is actually felt. He has nobody to confide his fears and worries. Neither has he any source of encouragement or emotional support.

    Staying at home, one gets accustomed to taking things for granted. One stops worrying about daily necessities of life. But when one is away from home, simple things like laundry, fees, food, etc. need to be planned well in advance. Longing for home increases manifold when one is sick, or meets an accident. At such time, staying away from parents is indeed a harrowing experience.

    Undoubtedly, there is excitement in living away from home, becoming more independent in life. But sooner or later, one longs to go back to the familiar surroundings, and the quiet certainties of life. There is no place, as sweet as home. East or west, home is the best.

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  • Q3

    Write a reflective composition on a famous saying: Sweet are the Uses of Adversity.


    Sweet are the Uses of Adversity

    Life is a journey on the path full of ups and downs, ups are the happy moments to cherish and downs are the adversities one should face boldly. Adversity also puts to test so many things. It puts to test your friends too. Prosperity wins friends, adversity tests them. True friends are those who would stand beside you even during your tough times.

    Thus, adversity has its own ‘Sweet uses’ it puts to test a man’s own character; his courage and his confidence in himself as also it puts to test the world around. Life’s path has harshness too and that also has its lessons to give; if one walks on that path for some time and thereafter reaches the golden goal, how pleasant does that seem. One judges the goodness by contrast.

    If the clouds are not dark, the flash of lightening would not be dazzling. Misfortunes make the return of fortunes look so pleasant, these are sweet uses of adversity.

    There is nothing strange in it. It is human nature and we always pray to God to keep ourselves far away from misfortunes. But just remember Shakespeare, the world- famous poet-dramatist. He held a different opinion. He sees adversity as a blessing in disguise and compares it with toads.

    Toads are ugly no doubt but they have a jewel in their hands. Similarly, adversities have ugly faces but they have many sweet uses. Hence, it is not wise to curse them. They are part of our lives and we should embrace them as we embrace prosperity and happiness and try to bless ourselves with blessings which are hidden them (adversities).

    Adversities teach us many valuable lessons of life. They train and develop the natural instinct of a man just as herbs give out their sweet fragrance when they are crushed, so a man of real ability and caliber shines all the brighter when pressed with difficulties.

    Therefore, we should not be disturbed by misfortunes but rather accept them boldly. They are like the bitter pills which the doctor gives his patient to cure him.

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  • Q4

    We face incidents when we actually realise the importance of family in our life. Write a reflective essay on ‘Family is the backbone of our life’.


    Family is the backbone of our life

    Do you remember the warm feeling of being tucked in your bed on a cold winter night with your mother sitting by your side, gently offering you hot coffee and freshly baked cookies? Do you remember the tough time when you nervously carried home the poor scorecard and to your surprise did not receive any scolding from your father who instead motivated you to do better next time? Do you remember the sinking feeling while going to hostel far away from home and the frenzy of coming back to your loved ones on vacations? I am sure you do. We all have experienced these incidents once in our lifetime to understand the importance of loved ones surrounding us. These loved ones who support you in all adverse situations are called Family.

    Parents, siblings, cousins, mentors, colleagues, friends—each one has been part of our family in this journey of life. Many a times we fail to understand the importance of having unconditional support from the family unless we encounter a trouble or difficulty where we desperately need them to take us out of the mess. Family is the essence of life. As a small child, our families provide us with protection and comfort and empower us to grow and develop. In our youth, family gives us structure we need to thrive and the support to grow into the people that we will become. As we age, our families change with us. The older generation passes on, and a new generation is born. This gradual transition provides the structure for families as we grow from son to father to grandfather and daughter to mother to grandmother. At each stage, we look toward our family to provide motivation and reason for going the extra mile to achieve our goals.

    There have been various researches conducted in this field to understand the challenges faced in any relationship and also to figure out the successful ways of keeping families intact and freeing it from differences in terms of thoughts or opinions.

    Thus, the importance of family is being recognized throughout the world and people are taking every effective step possible to maintain relation as someone has correctly pointed, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’.

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  • Q5

    Write a reflective composition on social media, elaborating the role of social media in freedom of speech among the youth.


    Social Media and the Youth of Today

    Often, we don’t realise how today’s youth flock to social media like ‘children to candy' in the old days. Those who are active on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., should use their discretion before putting postings and pictures on social media. Such postings can affect their lives adversely and beyond imagination.

    Young people quickly forget that all social networking sites are in the public domain. The users of such sites must exercise caution about privacy settings and be careful while posting personal and sensitive information. If they do not, they are exposing themselves to the world at large. Second, we need to remember that all of us think, act and behave differently in different situations. So, what may be an appropriate comment to a friend may not be suitable to your brother or a teacher. The young people must ensure that they treat their contacts as a homogenous unit.

    Third, in the cut-and-paste digital world we can delete or post a picture just at the click of a mouse. But we must remember that doesn’t mean that we have erased it from the minds of those who have already seen or read it. Whenever we make any comment or post any picture, we are creating an online trail of ourselves that can easily be tracked by some unknown people.

    Fourth, another important issue before the young generation is the quantum of time they spend online. We have 24 x 7 connectivity that too for a very small price and this causes net addiction which can be really fatal in some cases. Time spent online reduces the time spent on other recreational activities like reading, playing in field, meeting friends and relatives, watching news, etc. We need to cultivate and maintain real friends and not digital friends.

    Finally, we can recharge and reclaim ourselves only by shutting out the digital distractions for a few hours every day and interact with the world in real.

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