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  • Q1

    I left for work after a delicious breakfast. This sentence contains a/an


    prepositional phrase.


    A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun. Here, the prepositional phrase is ‘after a delicious breakfast’.

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  • Q2

    Look at the following adverbs and turn them in an adverb phrase.

    (a) Recently

    (b) Swiftly

    (c) Beautifully

    (d) Away

    (e) Unwisely


    (a) At a recent date

    (b) In a swift manner

    (c) In a beautiful style

    (d) To another place

    (e) In an unwise manner

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  • Q3

    Pick out the phrases and say whether they are Adjective Phrases, Adverb Phrases, Noun Phrases-

    (a) Edward succeeded in the long run.

    (b) I do not understand how to solve this problem.

    (c) Leonardo is a person of no importance.

    (d) Amy won the game by the means of trickery.

    (e) I want to go to watch amovie today.


    (a) in the long run – adverb phrase

    (b) how to solve this problem —noun phrase

    (c) of no importance. – adjective phrase

    (d) by the means of trickery – adverb phrase

    (e) to go to watch amovie today – Noun Phrase

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  • Q4

    Look at the following adjectives and turn them into an adjective phrase.

    (a) A green-eyed girl

    (b) A heavy bag

    (c) A blank page

    (d) A famous man

    (e) A bald man


    (a) A girl with blue eyes.

    (b) A bag of great weight.

    (c) A page with no writing on it.

    (d) A man of great fame.

    (e) A man with no hair on his head.

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  • Q5

    Identify the underlined group of words as phrase or clause-

    (a) The old man replied in a feeble voice.

    (b) Ashton laughed when he saw the chimpanzee dance.

    (c) While I slept, they stole all my belongings.

    (d) It is a story without any logic.

    (e) Alexander was a man of great courage.


    (a) Phrase

    (b) Clause

    (c) Clause

    (d) Phrase

    (e) Phrase

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