Simple Sentences

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  • Q1

    We decided to go fishing and camping out at the river. This is a ________sentence.




    The sentence has a single independent clause with a compound verb.

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  • Q2

    Which of these cannot act as the subject in a sentence?


    main verb


    The subject tells what the sentence is talking about. The sentence always talks about a person, place, animal, idea or verb acting as a noun, which are all nouns.

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  • Q3

    Give proper punctuation to the following simple sentences.

    (a) i love to visit the library

    (b) the dog gets driven to the smell of meat

    (c) pamela thinks too highly of herself

    (d) the man with brown hair and dark complexion came to me asking for a smoke

    (e) the ship will leave the harbor as soon as the announcement is made


    (a) I love to visit the library.

    (b) The dog gets driven to the smell of meat.

    (c) Pamela thinks too highly of herself.

    (d) The man with brown hair and dark complexion came to me, asking for a smoke.

    (e) The ship will leave the harbor, as soon as the announcement is made.

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  • Q4

    Rewrite the following Compound Sentences as Simple Sentences-

    (a) He overslept and missed the meeting.

    (b) He is rich but not generous.

    (c) The teacher tried hard to teach the students, yet they did not listen.

    (d) Samson was a powerful man yet he met a tragic end.

    (e) The pied piper played a melodious music and all the children followed him.


    (a) He missed the train by oversleeping.

    (b) Being rich, he is not generous.

    (c) The students did not listen to the teacher despite her trying hard.

    (d) Samson’s power did not help in avoiding his tragic end.

    (e) The melodious music by the pied piper made all the children follow him.

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  • Q5

    Identify the subject and the verb in the following simple sentences.

    (a) The baby kept crying for its mother.

    (b) Joshua looked for the black buck in the forest.

    (c) He made delicious enchiladas.

    (d) My mother asked me not to go outside as its raining.

    (e) My pet dog ran out to my father.


    (a) Subject – baby

    Verb – kept crying

    (b) Subject – Joshua

    Verb – looked

    (c) Subject – He

    Verb – made

    (d) Subject – My mother

    Verb – go

    (e) Subject – My pet dog

    Verb – ran out

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