Future Time Reference

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  • Q1

    Fill up the blanks with the suitable words expressing future time. [5 marks]

    1. Harris _____ play as the captain of his team.

    2. I _____finished this lesson before you come.

    3. _____we go for a walk?

    4. We are _____ have a picnic on coming Sunday.

    5. Dorothy is _____ buy a new car.


    1. will

    2. shall have

    3. Shall

    4. going to

    5. going to

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  • Q2

    Choose the correct option:
    a) My plane __________ in an hour.
    i) left
    ii) leaving
    iii) leaves

    b) Tomorrow ___________ a national holiday.
    i) be
    ii) is
    iii) are

    c) We ___________ eat there tomorrow.
    i) shall
    ii) going to
    iii) will

    d) Next bus is ______________ be an hour late.
    i) is
    ii) going to
    iii) will

    e) I ____________ see my mother tomorrow.
    i) going to
    ii) wiil

    iii) about to


    a) iii) leaves
    b) ii) is
    c) iii) will
    d) i) going to
    e) ii) wii

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  • Q3

    Fill in the blanks with will or shall.
    a) I _________ take my exams next semester.
    b) I __________ be sixty next Wednesday.
    c) This time tomorrow, I _______ be in France.
    d) It ________ snow today.
    e) Gajindra __________ take his dog for a walk tomorrow.


    a) will
    b) shall
    c) shall
    d) will
    e) will

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  • Q4

    Choose the correct option to fill up the blanks in the the following sentences.

    a) We __________ (are going/will) to have a new chapter today.

    b) The next cab __________ (is/will) leave in an hour.

    c) We ________ (shall/will) definitely win this game.

    d) Our team ___________(is going/ will) to win this time.

    e) We ________ (shall/will) visit Russia next summer.


    a) are going
    b) will
    c) shall
    d) is going
    e) will

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  • Q5

    Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences:
    a) hours /charge/ take/ will /in/ five /police /the
    b) I/ buy/ my /before/ a/ go /Chennai /parents/ scooter /will
    c) am /school/ to/ up /set/ village/ I/ in /my /going/a
    d) my /doctor /will/ on/ I /Wednesday /see/ eye
    e) complete/ plan /go/ I/ Spain/ to/ to /to/ my /research


    a) The police will take charge in five hours.
    b) I will buy a scooter before my parents go Chennai.
    c) I am going to set up a school in my village.
    d) I will see my eye doctor on Wednesday.
    e) I plan to go to Spain to complete my research.

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