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  • Q1

    Choose the correct case for the underlined noun:.

    Mandy sang a beautiful song in the party.




    The noun ‘Mandy’ is the subject answering ‘who sang’. It is in nominative case.

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  • Q2

    Identify the case of the underlined words in the following sentences.

    1. Alexander made a beautiful portrait.

    2. Jonathan is climbing a mountain.

    3. Offer him a cup of coffee.

    4. It is his plan.

    5. Oscar, tell me the truth.


    1. nominative case

    2. objective case

    3. dative case

    4. possessive case

    5. vocative case

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  • Q3

    Write the correct form of the possessives to fill the blanks.

    1. This is _____ (Roger) bike.

    2. The _____ (children) room is on the fifth floor.

    3. _____ and _____ (Peter and Michael) schools are located in opposite directions.

    4. _____ (Doctors) conference is going to start at 11 a.m. today.

    5. _____ (James) mobile phone is lost.


    1. Roger’s

    2. children’s

    3. Peter’s, Michael’s

    4. Doctors’

    5. James’

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  • Q4

    Identify the nouns or pronouns that are in dative case in the following sentences.

    1. My grandpa gifted me a laptop.

    2. He bought his daughter a doll on her first birthday.

    3. Lisa cooked pasta for my friends.

    4. The teacher gave Dave a hard slap on his face.

    5. They have planned a party for their only son.


    1. me

    2. daughter

    3. friends

    4. Dave

    5. son

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  • Q5

    Fill in the blanks with a suitable noun or a pronoun in nominative case to make meaningful sentences.

    1. A _______ cultivates land to grow crops.

    2. Jerome and his sister watched a movie. _____ enjoyed it a lot.

    3. ______ am eating fruit salad in lunch.

    4. _____ borrowed a pen from me.

    5. A ______ constructs buildings.


    1. farmer

    2. They

    3. I

    4. He

    5. mason

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