The Sequence of Tenses

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  • Q1

    Insert the correct tense of the verb in the following sentences:
    1. So long the rain _______, we stayed at home. (to continue)
    2. Whenever he ____ at the church, people gather to listen. ( to preach)
    3. She walks as though she ____ a little lame. (to be)
    4. I decided to stay at home as I ____ feeling a little uneasy. (to be)
    5. His health improved since he ______ to the new city. ( to shift)


    1. continued
    2. preaches
    3. is
    4. was
    5. shifted

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  • Q2

    Fill in the blanks with a suitable modal auxiliary.

    1. He died so that his family ____live.

    2. He said that he ____ do it.

    3. Even if you pay me, I ____ not do this work.

    4. He _____ not learn the language easily; so he engaged a teacher.

    5. We eat so that we ___ live.


    1. may

    2. would

    3. will

    4. could

    5. may

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  • Q3

    Fill in the blanks using appropriate verb forms:
    1. They sold the car because it ____ old.
    2. I heard that there ____ some disturbances happening at the university.
    3. He ___ sure that she will be held there.
    4. He told them that they ______ going in the wrong direction.
    5. I asked what his expectations _____ in terms of salary.


    1. was
    2. were
    3. is
    4. were
    5. were/are

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  • Q4

    Choose the correct option to fill in each blank.

    1. We eat so that we ____ survive.

    a) may

    b) might

    2. I came home when it ____ raining.

    a) stopped

    b) had stopped

    3. He had a cow that ______ enormous quantity of milk.

    a) had given

    b) gave

    4. Could you doubt that there ______ a God?

    a) was


    5. He came back sooner than we ______ him to come.

    a) had expected

    b) expected


    1. (a) may
    2. (a) stopped
    3. (b) gave
    4. (b) is
    5. (a) had expected

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  • Q5

    Fill in the blanks using the correct tense of the verbs given in the brackets:

    1. I waited for my friend until he ___________. ( to come)
    2. I did not know about it until you __________ me. (to tell)
    3. He left because he ___________ in a hurry. ( to be)
    4. I am so tried that I __________ hardly stand. (can/could)
    5. As soon as he _________ the news, he called me. (to hear)


    1. came

    2. told

    3. was

    4. can

    5. heard

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