Phrasal Verbs

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  • Q1

    Identify the phrasal verbs in the following sentences.

    (i) Dad needs to cut down his sugar intake.

    (ii) I show up late for class because the professor generally starts his lecture late.

    (iii) We were all so confused about managing the prom party, and then Janice came up with a brilliant idea.

    (iv) When I was browsing the internet, I came across this great website about the benefits of yoga.

    (v) His handwriting is so bad that I could not make out what he wrote in the letter for me.

    (vi) My idea was put down instantly by the group.

    (vii) Peter was brought up by his grandparents after his parents died in an air crash.

    (viii) George plans to set up his own business now.

    (ix) When I asked Linda about her dog, she broke down.

    (x) Janet has called off her wedding with Marc.


    (i) Phrasal verb - cut down

    (ii) Phrasal verb – show up

    (iii) Phrasal verb – came up

    (iv) Phrasal verb – came across

    (v) Phrasal verb – make out

    (vi) Phrasal verb – put down

    (vii) Phrasal verb – brought up

    (viii) Phrasal verb – set up

    (ix) Phrasal verb – broke down

    (x) Phrasal verb – called off

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  • Q2

    Match the phrasal verbs with their meanings:



    (1) To criticise someone severely

    (a) Carry out

    (2) To quickly proceed through an obstruction

    (b) Bear out

    (3) To confirm or validate

    (c) Cut up

    (4) To follow

    (d) Draw a blank

    (5) To fail to remember something

    (e) Break through


    (1) To criticise someone severely – (c) Cut up

    (2) To quickly proceed through an obstruction – (e) Break through

    (3) To confirm or validate – (b) Bear out

    (4) To follow – (a) Carry out

    (5) To fail to remember something – (d) Draw a blank

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  • Q3

    1. Ryan used to dread mathematics as a kid; however, it seems that he has _________ his fear with time.

    2. The current statistics _________ administration’s stance on this issue.

    3. Our new principal has _________ some changes in the curriculum that work in the students’ interest.

    4. Due to heavy rain many remote places were _______ from the highway.

    5. The governor’s statement _________ in public.


    1. Got over

    2. Bear out

    3. Brought about

    4. Cut off

    5. Carries weight

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  • Q4

    Check if the following sentences are correct:

    1. Girls you should call up your dresses. The skit can start any moment now.

    2. In order to maintain a healthy body, you must cut out junk food.

    3. He carried off the trip due to bad weather.

    4. Ashton needs milk, but he can do without sugar.

    5. Daniel and Mila didn’t like each other earlier, but these days they get along really well!


    1. Incorrect. The correct sentence is:

    Girls you should do up your dresses. The skit can start any moment now.

    2. Correct

    3. Incorrect. The correct sentence is:

    He called off the trip due to bad weather.

    4. Correct

    5. Correct

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  • Q5

    1. Jim was _________ by a nanny.

    (a) Done up

    (b) Brought up

    (c) Came round

    2. On reading her sister’s letter, Samantha ___________ and cried.

    (a) Carried off

    (b) Drew up

    (c) Broke down

    3. “You were dancing really well! Please ___________.”

    (a) Carry on

    (b) Come out

    (c) Bear with

    4. Tammy _________ well with her classmates in the new school.

    (a) Called upon

    (b) Got along

    (c) Fell off

    5. While preparing budget I realised that my expenses ________ more that my expenses.

    (a) Come out

    (b) Carry out

    (c) Do without


    1. (b) Brought up

    2. (c) Broke down

    3. (a) Carry on

    4. (b) Got along

    5. (a) Come out

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