Food Production

Importance of Bacteria and Fungi in Food Industry

Organisms that cannot be seen through the naked eyes are known as microorganisms. The branch of science that deals with the study of microbes is known as microbiology. Food microbiology deals with the production, contamination and spoilage of food products by microorganisms.

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Useful Plants

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Food Crops

Human beings grow different types of crops to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

The practice of growing crops for food is known as agriculture.

Crops are the same kinds of plants cultivated at one place on a large scale. On the basis of purpose of cultivation, crops are .... Read More

Agricultural Practices and Organic Farming

Crops are the same type of plants grown and cultivated on a large scale. The basic agricultural practices for crop production are soil preparation, sowing, adding manure and fertilisers, irrigation, protection from weeds, harvesting and storage.

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Fishery, Piggery, Goat And Sheep Rearing

Increasing human population has led to the increase in demand of food. To meet the growing demand of food, more and more animals such as cow, sheep, hen, pig, goat, and fish are reared through animal husbandry.

Animal husbandry is a common method for breeding and raising livestock in or .... Read More

Domestic Animals

In India, domestic animals play a significant role in the economy of rural areas.
The branch of science that deals with the feeding, shelter, caring and breeding of domestic animals is called animal husbandry. Domestic Animals are categorised into three broad classes as:
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Sericulture and Apiculture

India is an agro-based country. Agriculture, animal husbandry and dairy farming arethe core occupations of the country’s inhabitants. Besides this, many farmers perform sericulture and apiculture.

Sericulture is the practice of rearing of silkworms artificially on mulberry farms t .... Read More

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