Class as Basis of all Computation

Java Character Set and tokens

A program is written by using a set of characters. These characters are recognized by the computer hardware and software. Java character set defines the basic elements that programs written in a given language may contain. ASCII and Unicode are two character encodings. Unicode is a universal charact .... Read More

Values and Types

In Java, tokens are basic building blocks put together to construct the programs. A token can be a keyword, identifier, constant, delimiter or an operator. Keywords are the reserved words that convey a special meaning and perform a predefined task. Identifier is a sequence of characters used to deno .... Read More

Variables and Constants

Variables in Java are named memory locations that hold data value of a particular data type. All variables must be declared before they can be used. Initialization is the process of providing value to a variable at declaration time. A variable is initialized once in its life time. To initialize a va .... Read More


Operators in Java are special symbols to perform specific tasks on operands. Operators can be classified into the following types: arithmetical, relational, increment/ decrement, logical and assignment.

Arithmetic operators are used to perform arithmetic operations, such as addition subtracti
.... Read More

Expressions and Statements

An expression in Java is any valid combination of operators, constants and variables, i.e., a legal combination of Java tokens. The type of operators used in an expression determines the expression type. Arithmetic expression uses arithmetic operators. Arithmetic expressions may contain variables, c .... Read More

Significance of Classes and Object

Java is a pure object oriented language, so all the functionality revolves around classes and objects. Without classes, there can be no objects and without objects, no computation takes place. Thus, classes form the basis of all computation in Java. When a class is declared, no memory space is allot .... Read More

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