Values and data types

Java Character Set and tokens

A program is written by using a set of characters. These characters are recognized by the computer hardware and software. Java character set defines the basic elements that programs written in a given language may contain. ASCII and Unicode are two character encodings. Unicode is a universal charact .... Read More

Values and Types

In Java, tokens are basic building blocks put together to construct the programs. A token can be a keyword, identifier, constant, delimiter or an operator. Keywords are the reserved words that convey a special meaning and perform a predefined task. Identifier is a sequence of characters used to deno .... Read More

Variables and Constants

Variables in Java are named memory locations that hold data value of a particular data type. All variables must be declared before they can be used. Initialization is the process of providing value to a variable at declaration time. A variable is initialized once in its life time. To initialize a va .... Read More

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