Methods and Functions

Introduction to Function

Java statements are grouped together in methods (functions). A method must be defined before it is used in the program. Access specifier defines access control for the class elements inside the other classes according to their type specifiers. Modifier tells the compiler how to call the method. Retu .... Read More

Accessing A Function

The methods are the main building blocks of Java programs. A Java method is a collection of statements that is grouped together to perform an operation. The methods allow us to reuse the portion of code. When a method is defined at any place in the program, then it is called method definition. A sim .... Read More

Returning From A Function

When a function is called, controls are sent to the function. As function finishes its execution, controls are sent back to the caller code. When a function terminates after accomplishing some work, its controls with that work or some value are returned to the caller code. The return type specifies .... Read More

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