MS Access Basic

MS Access is a program that is used to create and manage databases.MS Access is called a relational database management program because in it the tables are linked or related to get a common piece of information. Common features of MS Access include efficiency, speed and flexibility in searching information, data security and reliability and reduced data entry errors. The various components of MS Access are title bar, menu bar, object buttons, status bar, access toolbar, database window and mode indicators. There are two methods to create a database - Create Blank Database and Create database using Wizard. Once the database is created, the user can create the tables.

Table is a collection of data in the form of rows and columns. There are three ways to create a table in MS Access - Create a table in Design View, Create a table by using the Table Wizard and Create a table by entering data into a datasheet. Before creating the table, it should be designed properly. For this, decide the number of fields in a table, field names, field types, field size, other field properties and primary key. Table can be viewed in the two ways - Design view and Datasheet view. Design view is used to create and modify the structure of table. Datasheet view is used to view, add, delete and edit data in a table.

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