Object Linking and Working with Multiple Databases

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects. OLE in Access is used to combine information from different applications into the tables. There are actually two parts to OLE - object linking and object embedding. Object linking is used to establish a dynamic link between Access and another program. Object embedding is used to insert information created by another application into the Access tables.

In MS Access, objects can be linked or embedded in tables, forms and reports through Bound Object Frame and Unbound Object Frame. A Bound Object Frame button on the toolbox is used to display a series of OLE object on a Report or Form. An Unbound Object Frame is used to display an OLE object on a Report or Form.

MS Access provides the facility to work with more than one database at the same time through exporting, importing and linking. Exporting is a way to output data and database objects to another database. Importing is a way to convert data from a different format and copy it into MS Access. Linking is a way to connect to data from another application without importing it, so that data is available to original application as well as to Access database.

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