MS Access is one of the most popular databases. It efficiently stores and retrieves all types of information. The primary reason for its success is its interactive query interface. Query is a mechanism for retrieving information from a database. Query offers the ability to retrieve, filter, update, move and delete. Query can be used to view, change, analyze and summarize the data. There are four types of queries - Select Query, Update Query, Cross tab Query and Append Query. Select Query returns a number of records based on the criteria you specify. Update Query is used to modify or update a record in a table. Cross tab Query displays summarized values from one field in a table and group them against some set of values. Append Query is used to appends records from one database to other database table. Queries may be created in two ways - Create query in design view and Create query by using wizard. Sorting is done to arrange records in a particular order on the basis of field value. Write ascending or descending keyword in the sort field of the query window to arrange the records in an order accordingly.

A key is a set of one or more attributes used to identify the records uniquely in a record or a table. There are different types of keys – primary key, candidate key, alternate key and foreign key. Referential integrity is a concept in which multiple tables share a relationship based on the data stored in the tables, and that relationship must remain consistent. Common fields between two different tables are related to each other. These relations are of following types - One – to – One, One – to – Many and Many – to – Many. Forms are the graphical interfaces that are used for data entry. There are two methods to create forms – By Using Form Wizard and By Using Form Design view.

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