MS Access provides a means of organizing and summarizing data with one of its tools, called reports. A report is a formal, presentable, printed document that lists data in a formatted manner. A report can be created in two ways - Creating Report with Report Wizard and Creating Report in Design View.

To format a report, go to format and click on Autoformat. The various report design accessories are the field list, the toolbox and the property sheet. The field list displays a list of items that are subject to the report we are building. The toolbox presents a list of some of the most common window controls. The property sheet displays properties associated with the object or the control that is selected on the report. While designing a report, one of the most usual actions that are performed is to insert items from Field List to the Report. To add a field, drag it from the Field List to the report to an appropriate section. To drag many fields at the same time, we need to first select them. To select all items at the same time, double click the title bar of the field list. Once a report is designed, the fields can be grouped and sorted. Sorting refers to the process of arranging records in ascending and descending order. Reports can also be used to print mailing labels.

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