MS-Excel Basic

MS Excel is the spreadsheet program created by Microsoft. A spreadsheet is a grid that organizes data into columns and rows. The various components of MS Excel are name box, formula bar, column letter, row number, active cell and sheet tab. The Excel window that appears on the screen is called a workbook. This workbook has a number of worksheets. A cell is the intersection of a row and a column. The active cell is the highlighted cell in a worksheet. The cell pointer is the highlighted cell boundary that specifies which cell is active at that moment. Name box displays the location of the cell pointer. The formula bar is used to type any data or formulas in the cell. Status bar shows the status of a particular program. Menus and Toolbar provide commands to perform operations on data entered in a worksheet.

There are three types of data that can be entered in Excel. These are numbers, text and formulas. Autosum feature of Excel also provides a quicker and easier way of calculating. Formulas in MS Excel are used to perform calculations. The formula starts with an equal sign. The result of the calculation is displayed in the cell where the formula was entered. Each cell in worksheet has a unique address, when cell address is referred in formulas, it is called cell referencing. These are three types: relative referencing, absolute referencing and mixed referencing. MS Excel files are saved with .xls extension.

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