Editing and Formatting Presentations

To change the outlook of presentations, various editing and formatting features are available in PowerPoint. MS PowerPoint can be used to select new design, change the colour scheme, change background colour and shading, change text font and style, change header and footer information and work in slide sorter view. In MS PowerPoint, animations can be applied through custom animations and using slide transitions. Custom animations are used to apply various animation effects to animate individual objects placed on a slide. Slide Transitions are used to apply special effects that will be applied during the transition from the current slide to the next slide.

In MS PowerPoint, sounds can be added from slide transition and from sound option. Slide transition plays the sound during slide transition. Sound can be also be added from the following options – Sound from File, Sound from Clip Organizer, Play CD Audio Track and Record Sound. A Sound icon will be placed on the slide as soon as the sound file is inserted in the presentation. Transition sounds are the sounds which are played during the transition from the current slide to the next slide. A movie file can be inserted in MS PowerPoint in two ways - Movie from File and Movie from Clip Organizer. Action Buttons are used to hyperlink. Hyperlink is a process of creating a links. The various types of Action Buttons provided by MS PowerPoint are Back or Previous, Forward or Next, Beginning, End, Home, Information, Return, Movie, Document, Sound, Help and Custom.

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