MS Power Point Basic

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation graphics software, which is used to create various presentation materials like charts, graphics, slides, handouts, overheads etc. The various components of PowerPoint are title bar, insert menu ribbon, slide outline, slides pane, notes pane, zoom, slide show, horizontal ruler, vertical ruler and custom animation task pane. The basic elements of a slide are title, subtitle, drawing objects, clipart and pictures. Slide title is a descriptive heading for identifying a slide. Slide subtitle is a descriptive message of the slide data. The drawing objects are auto shapes, curves, lines, word art etc. Slides have inbuilt clip gallery to set clipart and pictures.

The slide components used for reference are Handouts, Outlines and Speaker notes. Handout is the compressed version of the slides of presentations. Outline is the summarized version of the slides, which displays only titles and the main text. Speaker notes are notes added to the presentation slides that help the presenter to deliver or prepare for the presentation. In PowerPoint, the presenter can easily insert text, images, media files and recordings. The different views of a Presentation in PowerPoint are Normal, Slide Sorter, Notes Page, Slide Show, Slide Master, Handout Master and Notes Master. Normal view displays three panes that show the outline, the slide and an area into which you can enter text. Each presentation opens in the normal view, which is the default view. Slide Sorter view displays the entire set of slides on screen. Outline view displays only text of the presentation in outline form.

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