MS Word

Word Processor

MS Word is one of the most popular word processing software. The various components of Word are Office button, title bar, close button, ruler bar, cursor, horizontal and vertical scroll bar, status bar and text area. To enter text, click in the text area and start typing the text. The text appears a .... Read More

Editing and Formatting Document

To edit a MS Word document, first select the text. To select the text using mouse, double click on a word. To select a sentence or paragraph in MS Word, place the mouse pointer before the first letter and drag the mouse by holding down the left mouse button over the desired text. To select text usin .... Read More

Tables and Mail Merge

In MS Word, a table is a grid made up of rows and columns that can be filled with text and graphics. There are three ways to create a table - using a grid, using insert table option and using draw table option. To create a table by using grid, choose Table and select the number of rows and columns f .... Read More

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