Editing and Formatting Document

To edit a MS Word document, first select the text. To select the text using mouse, double click on a word. To select a sentence or paragraph in MS Word, place the mouse pointer before the first letter and drag the mouse by holding down the left mouse button over the desired text. To select text using keyboard in MS Word, place the cursor before the first letter of a sentence or word. Hold down the Shift key and press the right arrow key till the desired portion of the text is selected.

To copy a text, word or sentence, Copy and Paste commands in MS Word are used. Moving a piece of text means to Cut it from one location and Paste it at another location. Formatting is used to change the size, colour and the type of the font. For this, select the text and then select the appropriate button. To quickly reverse most of the commands executed, use the Undo option. To reapply a command, use the Redo option.

Paragraph formatting in MS Word is used to control the appearance of a paragraph. Paragraph formatting can also be done using the Page layout tab on the ribbon. Alignment is the way in which the text is placed on a page is called alignment. The margin is the blank space between the edge of the paper and the text. In MS Word, a list can be made using Bullets and Numbers. In bulleted list, the text of each paragraph is preceded by a bullet mark. In numbered list; the text of each paragraph is preceded by a number or letter to indicate order. To check the spelling and grammar errors in MS Word, click on the Spelling & Grammar button on the Review tab.

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