Tables and Mail Merge

In MS Word, a table is a grid made up of rows and columns that can be filled with text and graphics. There are three ways to create a table - using a grid, using insert table option and using draw table option. To create a table by using grid, choose Table and select the number of rows and columns from the grid. To create a table using Insert Table, specify the number of rows and columns. To create a table using draw table option, click on Draw Table option and drag the pencil to draw the number of rows and columns.

To insert a row or a column, right click the mouse and a drop down list will appear. Click on the desired option. To delete a row or a column, select the row or column that is to be deleted and click on Table choose Delete and select Rows or Columns. A table can be formatted by changing colours of table lines, applying shades to table, adjusting rows, resizing columns and changing alignment.

Mail Merge feature of MS Word helps in sending the same letter to number of people. There are three steps in mail merge process - creating main document, creating a data source and merging main document and data source.

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